Library of euthanase pet at home articles and fact sheet guides

These are documents that I am accumulating about euthanase pet at home and aftercare. Some are from sources in the USA, and so ignore telephone numbers that may appear on them


  • Sometimes, just having your pet’s collar or lead is enough to help you remember the good times.
  • Or keeping their ashes near you, in a casket, picture frame or scattered on a favourite walk.
  • There is a talented artist in Nottingham who paints beautiful watercolour portraits from a favourite photograph of your pet – search facebook for “paulcookart”
  • Laura Gambino does some amazing portraits. I spotted her at the Bakewell Show this year.
  • The Ralph Site have a great Artist called Mel Saalfield here and the money goes towards the site.
  • A lock of hair.  Ask me and I can collect this for you.
    Consider how you want to keep it safe.
    I do have some small boxes we can use until you decide.

Dignified Departures:​
“The Movement’s mission is to raise awareness of, and promote advances in end of life veterinary care and in home compassionate pet euthanasia”.

dignified dep

The Blue Cross Charity has a freephone number you can call. This is a popular initial support service.
Contact: 0800 096 6606

The Ralph Site A good UK based resource of easily understood info and opinion and discussionralph site

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Please note: Replies may take up to 48 hours. Call or text 07761 419 501 for immediate attention*.