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We all love our pets – we are, after all, a nation of animal lovers, but it is also extremely sad that there will always come a day when we have to say goodbye to our furry, feathered and scaly friends. There are a number of reasons why we consider the the need to put a pet to sleep – and they are largely concerned with an animal’s quality of life. We have the ability to overcome any pain or illness that they may be suffering from.  It is important to be aware of signs in an elderly pet’s life that indicate that putting to sleep may be the kindest option for them.

Consider your pet’s current state of health – are they suffering from a terminal illness, or one which provides pain and long-term symptoms that cannot be alleviated by medication or care? Does your pet struggle to eat, drink, or retain control of their bodily functions? While none of these reasons alone are enough to warrant the need to put a pet to sleep, a combination of long-term illness, old age and deterioration in their quality of life should all impact on a decision of whether or not to let them pass away peacefully. While many pets pass away naturally without such intervention, recognising their quality of life is by far the most humane act that a pet owner can exercise – especially in times of long-term illness and continuing pain that a cat or dog may be going through. It is important to understand what makes your pet’s life worth living for them. What do they enjoy doing? Do they like long walks, certain types of food, naps in warm or cool places? Do they enjoy the company of other dogs or people? It is crucial that any signs of your pet no longer being able to undertake or enjoy these qualities of life are taken into account far ahead of any euthanasia. You should never prolong a pet’s life or refuse to take the action to put a pet to sleep if you are doing so for your own benefit. Your pet should live comfortably, safely and without fear of prolonged pain.

Finding the right Vet for you

No one wants to put a pet to sleep – and some veterinary practices fail to offer owners the closure, comfort and space they need to say goodbye to their friends properly – and for many, it can be a procedure that feels rushed or unnecessary.  This should never be the case.  The decision to put a pet to sleep is extremely stressful for loving owners and it is a process that should neither be rushed, nor denied the dignity that both owner and animal deserve.

Letting go of your favourite cat or dog can be hard – but it is incredibly important to understand that the most humane option may be to alleviate their suffering. Quietus offer compassionate and empathetic support to anyone who feels that there may be a need to put a pet to sleep. We always consult within a pet’s home environment, where it is calm and familiar to the animal, making matters as peaceful and as straightforward for all involved. We feel that many veterinary procedures relating to euthanasia fail to offer compassion and empathy that pets and their owners need at such a critical time.

Please take a closer look at the services we offer to pets and their owners throughout our website – we hope to answer as many of your questions as possible ahead of you making any committed decisions. No one wants to put a pet to sleep – but in many circumstances, it is providing a dear friend with the peace they need. Please call us on 01773 404 063 when you are ready to make an appointment.

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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