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Office 1407, 109 Vernon House
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South Yorkshire

0114 433 3063

23 Alison Business Centre
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01773 404 063

Give Paul a call and we can discuss travelling further-afield

Make an appointment for putting my dog or cat to sleep

Contact Paul when you have made your decision, or you simply need to talk about you and your pet.

Calling us by phone is the most reliable way to contact us.

Or by text message – please do not use Text Services like BT-Text.

Making that phone call is almost as hard as making the decision: Call Paul and he’ll make it as easy as possible for you.

How much notice do we need?

It’s only Paul doing this work, so call when you are ready to make an appointment whether it’s next week or this morning.

He’ll make every effort to help.

But please note that the more notice you give him, the more likely he can visit exactly when you want.


If you later need to change the date, that’s not normally a problem as long as you try to give Paul at least 24 hours’ notice (48 hours if over a weekend). Less than 24 hours usually incurs a cancellation cost. Please see our T&Cs.

If your pet is in trouble and needs immediate attention, and you can’t get hold of us for some reason, please contact your local vet for advice.