Terms & conditions

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General home visits policy

We provide home visits for the purpose of euthanasia or for discussion of Quality of Life issues only. We do not diagnose or treat illness. We do not offer a second opinion service. Visits can be arranged by phone for most ‘social’ times of day and the weekend. We can accept euthanasia referrals from other unrelated vet clinics, but cannot guarantee to fulfil them.

Payment Policy

Payment is due at the time of arranging our service. Non-refundable deposits of 50% of the Quietus visit are included within the charge collected at the time of arranging the appointment. Payment is by BACS or PaymentLink which we send to you by text or email and you complete using your Credit/Debit Card.

Appointment rescheduling and cancellations. Non-refundable deposit.

All appointments are secured with a non-refundable deposit (usually 50% of the Quietus Visit charge - but this will be higher for visits out of normal hours, short-notice and for visits outside of usual visit-area). This deposit is forfeit whenever an appointment is changed or cancelled by the customer. If the information provided by the customer proves to be incorrect when we arrive, then the entirelty of the visit fee may be retained. (This is particularly relevant to the answers we receive when asking our "COVID questions" when making the appointment.) On arrival, if the visiting vet feels it would be unsafe to proceed, then upto the whole visit cost will be forfeit. 
The deposit is also forfeit if the arranging customer is not present at the appointed time. In the event that an appointment is cancelled by Quietus Vet for personal or business reasons, the deposit may be refunded. This does not apply if the reasons for cancellation are due to incorrect, misleading or false information being given at the arrangement of the appointment.

Having made an appointment for a euthanasia visit, Quietus Vet is under no obligation to re-schedule an earlier or later appointment if the pet's health should become compromised or if the appointment has been cancelled for the reasons given above. In these circumstances, the owner must contact their normal veterinary clinical service immediately.

The non-refundable deposit has been imposed in order to cover disruption, travel and time.

If we visit and have a good and useful discussion about your pet’s Quality of Life that clarified many of your questions and helped you realize now is not the time and we didn’t proceed with the euthanasia – then this would be chargeable at the full Quietus Vet price.

Refunds may incur a small administration charge.

Ashes return

Quietus Vet undertakes to make every effort to arrange return of a deceased pet’s ashes to the address where the euthanasia took place. Quietus will make one arranged delivery attempt. Ashes are usually returned within 10 to 14 days of the euthanasia. If return proves to be difficult to arrange, or if the owner fails to be present at the arranged time of delivery, then Quietus Vet will hold the ashes for a period not exceeding 12 months. After this time they will be disposed of according to local regulations. If the owner requests a second or third delivery attempt, a further delivery charge may be incurred depending on the circumstances.


Sending text, email and voicemail messages. Please be aware that texts, emails, telephone and voicemail messages are not accessed routinely through the day and especially not outside our routine business hours.

Insurance claims

Few if any insurance policies cover home visits for euthanasia unless it can be shown that the animal should not be moved for health reasons. It is best to assume you are not covered. Please contact your insurance company. If you choose to claim, then we are happy to complete the insurance form.. There is a charge of £25-00 for this service which cannot usually be added to your claim. We cannot make direct claims from the insurance company.

Our right to decline a home visit request

In certain circumstances we reserve the right to decline a home visit request. These circumstances include (but are not limited to)

In all these circumstances we will prefer you to contact your regular local or after-hours clinic.

Cancellation or abandoning the procedure on arrival

Abandoning a visit on arrival. We reserve the right to abandon a pet euthanasia (before we have started) during the visit. In this event, the 50% non-refundable deposit collected at the time of arrangement will be retained to cover time and expenses. The circumstances causing abandonment include (but are not limited to) genuine emergencies (in non-end-of-life patients) requiring prompt hospitalised treatment. -A perceived risk of injury to client, pet or vet. or damage to property. -Where we have safety concerns, e.g. pets considered aggressive and potentially dangerous. -A recognition that the contract to visit was based on false information received or given.