The home pet euthanasia visit

What to expect and why we are different.

Quietus 3 Stage Technique for home pet euthanasiaWe have been offering this service since 2017. What we do is still unique - we always use the 3-Stage Technique: which is what makes us different.

When we visit, you can expect it to be calm and quiet. And we listen.
Have a look at our reviews for more detail on what people feel about our visit.

Our work is entirely dedicated to improving home pet euthanasia (and end of life)

We use the most up-to date and thoughtful methods for dog and cat euthanasia at home. These have been refined and developed over a lifetime of experience.

Alternative terms for euthanasia are “put to sleep”, “put down” or “PTS”.

What happens during the 3-Stage Technique?

The 3-Stage Technique is globally acknowledged as the gold-standard. It benefits both pet and owner.

We achieve a calm and anxiety-free full-unconsciousness by the time we arrive at the final injection. This is at the heart of our 3-Stage Technique.

‚ÄčEuthanasia at home instead of at the vet surgery

We can work alongside your normal vet to make this essential event as good as it can be.

  • Many practices now ask Paul to make their home visits for them - ask your own vet about us.
  • You can now make that decision themselves even if you have a normal vet.  You don’t need anybody's permission to call us.

A step-by-step description of how the Quietus Vet euthanize pet at home

1) First – call us on any of our numbers listed below. Speak to us, or leave a quick message if we are unable to answer at that moment.

2) On the phone, we will have a brief discussion about you and your pet and will decide on a date and time for our visit.

We will need some details from you (your pet’s name, your name, address and phone numbers. That sort of thing).

3) The visit – We will arrive at the agreed time (or will have called you if we have been delayed for some reason).

We will ask you to sign a consent form authorizing humane euthanasia (put to sleep)  for your pet. The form also confirms that you have authority to sign this request. ‚Äč You can give us permission to inform your normal vet if you wish.

That’s the paperwork done.