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March 2019

Thank you Paul.

The service you provided for our very special family member was impeccable.
From the moment you arrived we put our complete trust in your safe hands.
The fact that Deena welcomed you into our home was incredible, and your calm, sensitive approach was so comforting at an extremely traumatic time.
Total respect and dignity throughout was honourable behaviour on your part, and for that, we cannot thank you enough.
Would definitely recommend for anyone who is in need of the finest Euthanasia for their family pets.
We are looking forward to receiving Deena’s Ashes any day now.
D in North Nottinghamshire

February 2019

Hi Paul.

I just wanted to thank you again for making a very difficult and stressful event a lot easier.

What you do cannot be underestimated or appreciated enough!

I would also like to thank you for travelling out of your normal area and may I also say that I hope you are still doing what you do when and if my other dog needs your kindness.

thank you again, D and L. in   Leicestershire


Puss. January 2019

” it was just like it said on the website… Thank you for everything Paul.”

J in Carlton. Nottingham


Dear Paul,

Home pet euthanasia was the best option both for my dog and for myself. His death was peaceful and very importantly occurred in familiar surroundings with familiar sounds and smells around him. His passing was calm and without the physical discomfort and mental distress of that final trip to the vets. It made a horrible decision and sad event much more bearable. Sadly, many pet owners remain unaware that such a service exists. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Regards, Asha. Derby

Hello Paul

I am not good with IT and when I tried to leave a review soon lost my way – so hope you can put this on your system for me.

‘ Another dog owner told me about Paul’s service and when it came to my turn to put my dog Woody to sleep I made the difficult telephone call and will be forever glad that I did. Paul was kind and considerate throughout the process which he made gentle and peaceful making the whole experience bearable. I can only say thank you Paul and hope this review helps someone else who may be reaching the moment of decision to get in touch with you.”
Sue Nottingham





Dear Paul

We are just writing to say Thankyou for all your care for our beloved Henry. Although we hadn’t had the pleasure of being there for him from birth, he meant the world to us. He was such a friendly loving cat and we will miss him dearly.

It wasn’t an easy decision for us but we know it was the right one. You made a horrible time much more bearable and will never forget your kindness.

Thankyou so much for the card, which we just received today. If only there were more people like you out there.

Thanks again.

Ron and Gill Grimsby

I wanted to write this review but I couldn’t do it until now.
I had to have my lovely Bobby put to sleep at the beginning of April. It was terrible – hes been ill with cancer for so long, but he was getting wobbly and he couldn’t walk. We had to carry him in his bed out to the garden.
We found this vet on google. We didn’t want to drag Bobs into the car and then to our usual vets. He doesn’t like noise and we wanted it done at home.

The vet came when he said he would – he was called paul I think. He just had a small bag of things, and we all sat on the settee around bobby.
and when bobby finally went it was sso smooth. He didn’t notice anything.

We got his ashes back two weeks ago – Paul bought them in a nice china urn. We are going to scatter Bobbys ashes this weekend on our favourite walk.

Definitely recommend Quietus. A special thing. I can’t imagine having him put down the normal way.


Hello Paul, I have just received your card. I’m really touched by your kind words and thoughts, thank-you so much. Ennius will always be part of us. We can never forget him. He was our special boy. You helped us when no one willing to help. I will always be grateful to you for all your help. God bless you! Mehwish, Umar.


Dear Paul,

Well where to start?

We had a very poorly Golden Retriever called Molly who had been the family pet for 14 years.

Her back legs had stopped working and she had been struggling for some months to get in and out of the house to visit the garden.

We all knew what was best for her but didn’t know how we were best to go about it, knowing how difficult and stressful it would be to get her out of the house to see the local vet.

A quick search on the net and I was lucky to find you and your business and very surprised that such a service existed.

After a brief discussion you agreed to come to the house on the same day and help us to help Molly.

From start to finish you made what was a very emotional time very easy to come to terms with.

Your professionalism and caring approach gave Molly the dignity that she deserved as she passed away peaceful and painlessly.

I can’t stress enough to other pet owners who find themselves in the same predicament as us to trust you to take care of them and their animals.

I hope these brief words are enough to say how forever grateful we all are.

Thank you and best wishes. Regards


Hi.Paul.thanku ever so much4taking care of Twinky&me.on his memorial casket,I’d like TWINKY ‘OUR LITTLE STAR’.I really apprciated wot u did-so did makes an enormous difference&special@home.thanku.Tracy.xx


Hi its Cain from 6 , I just received your card. I just want to say thank you it meant so much, thanks for all you did that day, you made it perfect. The whole family appreciated how you dealt with it, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody going through the same situation


From google review

Paul made the whole process so painless and Lola drifted to sleep peacefully on her favourite spot in the lounge, bathed in sunlight on a glorious spring day.

Hi Paul, thanks for the lovely card and kind message. Jo and I appreciate everything you did for us and pebbles. We all have been so upset this last week. It was a nice way to see her out of this world. Thanks Paul, best wishes from Steve and Joanne.

My old cat of 22 years was at the end of her life and was ready to be put to sleep when I discovered ‘Quietus’- thank goodness i did. The whole procedure was unhurried and peaceful, I am so grateful to Paul for his kindness and compassion. My old girl was sent off without any trauma or fright (she didn’t like going to the vets at the best of times) the home visit was all I could have hoped for, she slipped away pain free and peacefully, I cannot recommend this service enough, a small price to pay for a dear companion.

Thank you Paul.

Thank you for all you did for us .it been a comfort that izzy was at home with us and care that you gave us was very much appreciated x


Hi Paul thanks for the card it means a lot chap, here’s a review for you feel free to use as you wish and amend if you need to.

We chose to use Paul to have our beloved dog(vizsla) put to sleep just over a week ago. I can not praise his service enough, from the first phone call to the visit.
After having our previous dog put to sleep at the vests and coming away feeling upset about the whole way it was done the thought of going through it again was horrible but using quietus vet was the best thing I could have done, of course it was emotional but it was a easier than I could of imagined, it felt right

Like she came to rest naturally but most of all I look back feeling I did the right thing, there was no rush and Paul was great with me and my dog he clearly has a passion for animals and likes to give them the respect and send off they deserve
Thanks ash


Possibly the most bizarre review I’ve ever written but I’m doing so whilst everything is fresh in my mind. I found out about Paul whilst searching online and am so thankful I did.
Sadly I’ve had several pets pts in the past. It’s never pleasant. Today however, it was very different. Paul is the most patient, respectful and humane vet I’ve ever met. The process is such that you are given time, lots of it, to ensure you get to spend precious time with your pet before they finally slip away. Everything is explained and nothing is rushed. I would recommend Paul without hesitation and in the future Quietus will be the only way for my pets if/when that awful time comes. Thank you Paul, from us all, for your compassion in making sure Koda’s final hour was a peaceful one for him and for giving us all the time we needed to say goodbye.


I cannot recommend Paul highly enough and would not hesitate to use his services again. We were heartbroken when we discovered our beloved cocker spaniel, Snoopy, was terminally ill and I was dreading the day we would have to have him put to sleep.

I am so glad I came across Paul’s service. He made the whole experience incredibly peaceful and serene which was really comforting for us all and particularly my youngest son who wanted to be present in Snoopy’s final moments.

Snoopy was treated with the utmost compassion and dignity throughout and Paul gently counselled us as a family through the entire procedure.

Thank you Paul, from the bottom of our hearts, for making such a difficult time so much better than we could ever have hoped.

Hello Paul, You came a few months ago to put Keeta to sleep in Belper for us after we found out she had cancer, and I have only just got to a place where I felt I could get in touch. I wanted to say thank you so much and that your professional approach made such a difference to us. We loved how we could express our grief even though you were in our house. It was so painful for us, but you kept at a distance, kept letting us know what was coming next and giving us all the time we needed to let go of our lovely girl. I’m so glad we found you, it was so peaceful and right for us as a family, and we are all truly grateful for giving our beloved girl the ending we felt she needed with us. It helped us to let go a little bit slower and was very respectful. Please feel free to use this for your website. Thank you, C, D and Z

Carlton Nottingham.

Hello Paul thank you for the card and kind words. It wasn’t easy to have casper put to sleep but you made me and casper more relaxed being at home and i thank you for someone like you who took so much time to do it the best way possible thank you paul so very much. Am missing so much. Thank you again. Julie Chesterfield .

I wanted to say a massive thank you for calling you out at such short notice yesterday to help my Husky Mishka with end of life at home you were so professional and everything was so calm Mishka didnt feel or a suffer at all as her mum i feel she is at peace now the work you do and how its done is far better than visiting any surgery no stress no pain just a sereal calmness thank you so much and I would deffinately call you again should I need you in the future thank you for ending Mishka time in this world best wishes Sue  matlock

I honestly and truthfully cannot recommend Paul enough, Bronson was our 16yr old Staffie, the two things he hated was going in the bath and going to the vets. I rang Paul in the morning of 18th Jan and explained through sobs that Bronson was really poorly and could no longer walk, Paul was so understanding and was with us a few ours later that same day. Bronson’s end was dignified and beautiful, in his own home on his own bed with all of us cuddling him and talking to him. Paul explained everything step by step he was so respectful to both Bronson and the family. I’d like to take this opportunity with it only been a week ago to say a huge Thank you to Paul you made such a sad day so beautiful and peaceful.
Thank you  j sheffield

Beck White

I cannot begin to my express the kindness ,patience and love that paul showed to cat puss and allowed him to go on his last journey in his own time , with total empathy towards the boy and myself ,who passed peacefully and very gently ,could not have asked for more ,paul is a true gent


Dear Paul,
You visited us on the 2nd May and put our old dog, Beau, to sleep. I would like to Thankyou very much for your patience, kindness and, above all, helping us to say goodbye to our treasured dog in his own home with no stress for him. Thank goodness l spotted you on the internet. You made a very painful time less so.
Kind regards, Jenny Sheffield

Good morning Paul
Just wanted to thank you  for your visit yesterday.
The service you provided made things a lot easier on ourselves and I’m sure on Misty  too
Take care
And thank you again.
Toni Rotherham


I wanted to say a huge Thank you. Tiger was my beloved cat who I had spent most of my adult life with. He shared my darkest days and i had many and he helped me get through them. Making that decision to end his life because he was suffering was hard and at first so unsure. I had my dog Whinnie put to sleep at the vets and the journey there with a sick dog and the vets surgery my dog hated and then the actual way it was done was horrendous. I didn’t call you straight away because of my previous experience with my dog. I was hoping Tiger would die naturally but I now know how long that can be and the suffering he would endure. I wish now I had called you earlier as Tiger became very ill and my choice to put him to sleep was now absolutely the right thing to do. My fear based on my previous vet was unfounded. All Vets should do it the way you do. It was calm. It was gentle. It was at tigers pace and the pace I needed. I wasn’t rushed and neither was Tiger. When you gave that first injection to give him pain relief and calmness he started to relax and I stroked him he started purring. He was out of pain for the first time in weeks. Tiger wanted to go I saw it in his eyes 2 days before.  The series of injections allowed him to relax and then go into a deep sleep. I am writing this because I know so many others will be like me and have the fear of putting a pet to sleep the old way and I want people to know that it is so very very different this way. If I had known how gentle and relaxing it was I would have called you 2 days before. Yes it was very distressing to see Tiger suffer and having to make that decision and I miss him an awful lot even nearly calling his name this morning as usual but Tiger new it was his time and so did I and you made his passing easy for me and him. I cannot thank you enough and more vets need to do this.

You may use what I have said for a review. I wanted to also say that I think you would do well if you recruited more vets to join you and expand your service perhaps even selling franchise. It would also give the service longevity. I really don’t know what I would do if you weren’t around and I needed your services. I also think if you expand and vets you would have to vet and make them agree to work how you do. I think it would need to be sooner rather than later because if you don’t someone else will as more hear how good you are. I taught nursing students and nurses and personally I’d recruit young new vets that aren’t indoctrinated as they are more easily influenced and I think you would have great success.

If you ever write a book you want to publish let me know as I can help with that so keep my name and address just incase. Thank you too about my son. He is fine and seems ok with it all. Jess my dog is not happy but I am giving her tlc. Jess is missing tiger but it just takes time. I might get a second dog but I don’t know how long before I should.

Thank you again.


Hi Paul

I would like to say a big thank you for the calm and relaxed way that you helped me and my family say our final goodbyes to our beloved staffy Bruno. Bruno was 11 years old and had soldiered on through some tough times for a while when I finally made a decision to put Bruno to sleep I wanted it to be has comfortable and stress free as possible for him and you made this all possible by visiting him where he was most at ease. Your service is second to none you were caring and had time for Bruno before we began the procedure, you also made sure we were aware of what was going to happen and didn’t rush us in any way this was perfect for us to say our final goodbyes so thank you.


Paul I would just like to say a very big thank you for the kindness understanding patience and total professionalism you showed when you came ( on a bank holiday ) to put my best friend of 11 years Zeb to sleep. His final moments were so gentle and peaceful it made one of the worst days of my life a little bit easier . Would highly recommend you Thank you Jon & Chris

Unfortunately due to old age and ill health we had to make the difficult decision to put alfie one of our cats to sleep, alfie had been a wonderfull companion and friend for 20 years and we were grateful to be able to give alfie the dignified end to his life he deserved at his own home with me and my husband and his cat family by his side, he had a great life and a peaceful last few moments, we wouldn’t hesitate to use pauls services again as he helped make a heart breaking day a lot less painful for both us and alfie and we are very grateful, hopefully not any time soon though for obvious reasons. Thank you once again.
Kind regards maxine and andy

Bobby our beautiful Burmese cat gave us 18 years of love, kindness, empathy and happiness as he always sensed when we needed a cuddle.
Saying goodbye to Bobby was a very difficult decision and hurt us terribly.
As soon as Paul arrived we knew that he was a kind man who understood how we were feeling.
Bobby slipped away in the sunshine in my arms sometimes snoring gently seeming totally unaware of what was happening. I am sure that this was what he would have wished for.
Paul was constantly kind ,caring and empathetic just like our Bob.
Thank you Paul for above all your kindness.
You are a good man
Julie,Peter and Bobby’s brother Oggie.

Paul I want to say thank you so much for the gentle kindness, compassion professionalism and respect that you showed to our much loved Staffy Tilly and to us at a very distressing time. Tilly could not have had a more gentle and caring end to her suffering. Thank you so much for what you do for much loved pets, I am so pleased that I found you for Tilly she couldn’t have had a kinder end to her life. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you Paul and make sure you take time for you, it’s an amazing job you do. Kind regards Maxine and Joe

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your lovely card, I wasnt expecting it as it came as a time when i was having a complete meltdown over losing Marge, who im our opinion is / was 🙁the best cat in the whole world and it was a privillage  that he chose us to be his forever family. I have not cried that hard since losing my husband in 2010.  I feel so blessed that we came across you and I have no doubt we made the right decision. Yes it is painful that he is not here anymore but i know in time it will get easier.  I take comfort that he was able to pass peacefully, gently and respectfully in my arms at home thanks to you and the much needed service you provide.  It was un rushed and gentle and I cannot thank you enough.  I have already started spreading the word about you and will continue to  do so.

Thank you so much , we are  eternally grateful to have found you. I am quite happy for you to put this email on your website.

Take care  and Best wishes to you Donna

Hi Paul just wanted to say a big thank you for support and services Saturday night when putting tye to rest at a very difficult time from aiden jo steve Matt