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Dear Paul & Yvonne,

Thank you so much for the kindness & compassion you showed in our hour of need.

Paul, talking to you on the phone to book the appointment, you were understanding & caring & re assured me that it sounded like the time was right.
Yvonne, you were amazing with us as a family. We were all emotional wrecks & you were just fantastic. You reassured us & comforted us. You gave us time with Barny, you didn't rush us and you explained everything that you were doing in great detail.

Barny was calm & relaxed in his bed. You made an extremely difficult day that little bit better.
And thank you for your card afterwards. A lovely personal touch.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in their hour of need
Barny is now peacefully sleeping 24 hours a day in his place of rest at my parents house alongside 8 other four legged family members.
With our biggest of thanks, The S Family

Barney : January 2024 : Derby

To Paul and Yvonne, 

I just wanted to say thank you for making, which was arguably one of the worst days of my life that much easier. As Missy was getting older I knew this time would come eventually and I always knew I wanted it to be as peaceful as it could for her. She had such a beautiful soul she deserved nothing but the best in life and i was glad i was able to give her that until the end. 

I want to thank Paul for sorting everything so quickly when I made contact and Yvonne for the way she treated Missy and allowed her to stay in my arms, which was her safe space, up until the end. 
I always wanted her to pass away without stress and in her own home and I am so glad I was able to give her that with your help. 

I cannot tell you how much I miss my best friend. She was my little shadow and has left a massive hole in my heart. But despite this I have no regrets about the decision I made because you allowed it to be so peaceful for her. 

I've attached a photo of her as she was up until a few weeks before. On my shoulder where she loved to be. I miss those cuddles. 

Thanks again for everything. M (and Missy who I know would thank you for treating her so well).

Missy : December 2023 : Long Eaton

Dear Yvonne and Paul,

 Thankyou so much for the professional and considerate way in which you helped us say ‘Goodbye’ to our beloved cat ‘Sparky’. He slipped away peacefully in my Wife’s arms in his own home and familiar surroundings. It was very difficult for us as he has been our best friend around the house for 19 Years.

 Whenever we took him to the vet in his cat carrier he always got very stressed, we never wanted to put him through that during the last hour of his life so we decided to use your services when the time came to have him put to sleep at home.

 Yvonne, thankyou so much for that wonderful hand written card of condolence you sent us with that lovely heartfelt message.

 Would definitely recommend Quietus Vet Services to anyone who anyone find themselves in the sad position of deciding to have their beloved pet put to sleep at home.

Thankyou again for making this very sad time so much easier.

I and J

Sparky : Mansfield : October 2023

On Friday 13th October 2023, I had to make a call that I had been dreading for some days. I called Quietus Vet regarding my border collie Finn to ask their advice as I'd never been in this situation before.

I left them a voicemail and Paul returned my call shortly after 9.00am. Finn had not eaten anything for 5 days, but somehow still found the strength to go on short walks even though his legs were quite weak. After relating this and other vital information to Paul, he knew through his vast experience that Finn had reached the end of his days at 16 years of age.

To confirm a same day appointment, I paid the fee and Paul's partner Yvonne came out at 12.45pm to tend to Finn.
She was very polite and shared a great deal of empathy with us at this awful time.

Yvonne explained that there was a series of three injections and what each one was for. In-between each injection spaced out over a period of 45 minutes, Yvonne soothed Finn and kept me and my brother calm by talking to us all the while.
She certainly helped us as much as she helped Finn, and we were most grateful for that.

Therefore, both me and my brother have no hesitation in recommending Quietus Vet as their service is worth its weight in gold. They were perfect from start to finish and ensured that Finn's final journey was made with dignity and respect.

Many thanks,

A. and A.  W : Mansfield


Finn : Mansfield : October 2023

Dear Paul and Yvonne

I just wanted to pass on my sincere and heartfelt thanks for the service at Quietus you provided to help our dog Lotte over the rainbow this week.
Lotte was the centre of our lives, always involved in our plans, came with us almost everywhere right to the end - she even came to my son’s wedding last year, and was given special priority so she could!
We knew our time with her was coming to an end, and odd how it sounds in a way are grateful she had the accident so it was obvious when “the time” was.
It was lovely to be all together with her in a calm familiar place. Lotte would spend a lot of time on our bed, and go there to get out of the way if things were getting too much downstairs. Yvonne carried out the whole thing with us as a family and Lotte as the only important thing.
I don’t think it was the easiest for her but she was incredibly calm and caring throughout the whole process, giving us the information we needed about the whole thing, which we really valued. We all felt incredibly safe, that there was no rush, and that Lotte was very important.

I will be recommending Quietus to everyone I know who has pets. I only wish I could book myself in for when it is my time.

Finally I want to thank Yvonne from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of the whole family. I know this is a separate service to her daily practice, and I’m absolutely sure it must be physically and emotionally exhausting to give so much of yourself.
Thank goodness there are people like you in the world. It was the perfect ending and has made our grief just about bearable.

Yours, The S Family.

Lotte : Nottingham : September 2023

Yvonne and Paul,

Thankyou so much for helping our treasured George slip away gently,listening to the "birdies" in our garden.
He was a very special cat (!!!) and deserved the best possible exit,which you gave him.

Thank you x9.

Quietus Vets helped us out of hours,and just at the right time.

Thankyou - from George, Bob and Kate.

George : Sheffield : June 2023

Thank you Paul and Yvonne at Quietus Vet for the loving and dignified way in which our dear 15 year old Border Collie Dylan was put to sleep. 
At home, in his garden with his family, a perfect end to a life. 
So much better than taking him to the vets. 

Would not hesitate to recommend Quietus to anybody in the sad position we were with our lovely boy.

Dylan : Long Eaton : June 2023

Paul & Yvonne were extremely compassionate & empathetic when we contacted them about saying good bye to our 14 year old border terrier, Bobby.

We agreed the date and when the time came Yvonne came to visit us.
Yvonne was very kind & understanding and took her time with us & Bobby, giving us time alone with Bobby in-between the 3 stages of the process. We were not rushed and had the time & peace we needed with him as we said goodbye.
The three stage process was wonderful as your beloved friend gently falls asleep without knowing what’s happening and for the first stages he still knew we were with him. We couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful passing for our gorgeous boy who went to sleep in his own home, on his own bed with those who loved him & he loved by his side.
We were with Bobby for the entire process and never had to leave him.

As difficult as this decision was, we couldn’t have wished for a more peaceful passing and Bobby had the peace and respect that he deserved.

Thank you to Paul & Yvonne for all you did. We have recommended you to everyone we know with animal companions & have even recommended you to our vets to share your details with other clients who want home euthanasia for their fury family members.

Bobby : Derby : May 2023

What can we say? All the reviews are spot on.

Our beloved boy Bud so hated the vets that when the time came this for us was exactly what we wanted for him.
Passing away snoozing on the sofa with us beside him.

Yvonne made the whole process peaceful, dignified &  reassured us it was time.

Thank you
Gill & Mick


Bud : Derby : May 2023

Dear Yvonne, 

                   My dear dog Darcy, a springer spaniel was my rock when I was caring for my parents, and then my husband through dementia, so having to make the decision to put him to sleep was very very hard.

A friend recommended Quietus and I am so grateful. Yvonne was so kind and thoughtful through the whole sad experience, giving me time to spend with Darcy on his own bed with me beside him at his passing.

I would highly recommend Quietus Vets to anyone, thank you once again.       

Kind regards P H

Darcy : Clay Cross : January 2023

If anyone is the sad position of deciding it is the time to let their loved pet pass away I would highly recommend Quietusvet.

No one likes to come to a final goodbye with our pets but sometimes it is the kindest thing to do and I have to say Yvonne & Paul helped me through that very difficult process.
Misty was a significant and amazing part of our family for 13 years but sadly she was in more and more pain over the last few weeks. Yvonne came to our home, immediately engaged with Misty and took time to explain every step of the process to me.

I was able to spend the last part of Misty’s life sat with her, petting her and of course talking to her. Misty remained calm and passed softly to what looked like a pain free sleep.

It is still sad and emotional, but I believe Yvonne helped so much through this trauma which is why I can’t recommend Quietusvet highly enough.

   Thank you for looking after Misty (& me)

Misty - Nottingham - January 2023

Good afternoon,

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Yvonne for attending my Great Dane 'Hades' yesterday. 
I took him on as a rescue dog 8 years ago and he has been an absolute joy ever since. He was patient with my other dog and taught her to be patient herself - which much have been difficult for a terrier!
He was also gentle and loyal and loved not only by his family but also by all the neighbourhood children, and admired by everybody he met on his walks.

At the grand age of 11 years and 9 months, his health rapidly began to deteriorate and we felt he was no longer achieving a good quality of life.
Due to this, we made the incredibly difficult decision to let him pass comfortably at home. We were so happy to find you both online as it enabled us to give Hades the dignified death that he so deserved after being such an amazing part of our family.
Yvonne was professional and considerate, having great insight and understanding of our circumstances. She took the time to explain each step of the process and was happy to answer our questions which assured us of Hades' comfort.
We sat beside him on the floor throughout the process and are confident he was in no pain or distress which was a huge relief.

Hades now rests peacefully in our garden, a place where he loved to sunbathe and watch the world go by. 

Ps. We were very touched that Yvonne took the time to call us on her way home to tell us that there was a rainbow over the nearby country park- a place Hades loved to go everyday.

Kind regards, W and J J

Hades : Gedling : December 2022

Dear Paul and Yvonne

I just wanted to say thank you for the way you recently helped my much loved cat, Sooty to pass away quietly. Thanks especially for Yvonne, who came to our home. It meant Sooty was in her own, familiar surroundings, no stressful pet carrier or trip to the surgery (which she hated), nothing was rushed and she could be in in my arms.

Your kindness and professionalism made a very difficult decision very much easier.
I also very much appreciate (and will treasure) the condolence card which arrived today.  Thank you so much.  


Sooty : Mansfield : August 2022

Dear Paul and Yvonne,

Just to say many thanks to you both for your compassionate care of our beloved Whizz at the end of his life. From the reassuring and efficient phone calls with Paul once we had made the terrible but right decision for Whizz, to Yvonne’s hugely empathetic and skilled management, we knew we had chosen the very best end of life care for Whizz. 

We cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone for whom their beloved pet has reached the end of their life. Whizz was able to lie on his bed under his favourite tree in our garden, and slip away in peace and dignity with us all at his side.  He is much missed and will never be forgotten.

Thank you once again, Louise, Greg, Max, Millie and Daisy  

Whizz : South Nottingham : July 2022


Thank you for your card it was a surprise to receive but very thoughtful.I wanted to reach out to you but you beat us to it by, sending a lovely card with lovely heart felt message.

I wanted to thank you for your professional and compassionate service you provided us in saying our goodbyes to "brown".The boys were able to spend that little time during the process and they were able to express their feelings lovingly. You were able to give the chance for brown to rest peacefully in a dignifying way & I cannot thank you enough for this.

If someone was to ever ask for a similar service like you provided I would recommend you to them in a heart beat.
Thank you so much for making it easy for all off us to say our goodbyes to brown & that he is at peace now in our garden - we visit him often.

From M, A, U and N

"Brown" : Nottingham : July 2022

Good afternoon. My name is Ness. I would like to give you my words of recommendation.

I'm sorry for waiting but I was not ready early. You can make my text on your website please.

If ever someone has to make a decision to help their beloved friend, a dog or a cat, go away, it is the best decision on this difficult day to choose Mrs. Yvonne from Quietus Vet.  She is a person so incredibly eloquent and empathic in this difficult mission that she undertook to do for animals that with all my heart I recommend that you decide to give this very difficult moment to her.

Szirka Nottingham 2022

Dear Yvonne & Paul,

Just saying a big thankyou for the Quietus Vet service.

We were very relieved at how lovely and peaceful the whole sad experience was, putting our darling Poppy dog to sleep. We know how relaxed she was and that she went with our hugs and kisses and without pain. I have recommended you to other pet owners, saying that it’s the only way to let a beloved furry family member go.

You have made life easier for us to move on, knowing that she passed in her comfy bed, at home with Schubert playing. We can now cherish so many lovely fun filled memories and photos of our darling girl.

Many thanks,


C & C

Poppy : Nottingham : January 2022

From start to finish it was a lovely, gentle process carried out by two very kind, caring professionals.

They made us feel very relaxed and in good hands when saying goodbye to our little baba.
They made the whole devastating process a lot easier to deal with and were kind enough to send a beautiful card with beautiful words of their condolences afterwards.

Thankyou Paul and Yvonne


Baba : Belper : October 2021

We just wanted to leave a positive review and thank Yvonne for us.

Our visiting vet from Quietus - Yvonne - handled a very difficult time for us and our cat Cheques sympathetically and with great professionalism.
Thank you to the whole team for addressing our concerns and handling everything with such sensitivity.
Nikki and Pete H

Cheques : Nottingham : August 2021

I can't thank  Paul enough for the care and support that we received during our difficult time.

Paul talked us through the 3 stages, chatted in detail about the stages as well.
What our beautiful Bessie was going through as well.
It was so beautiful and very peaceful,  just like Bessie had fallen asleep.

I cannot recommend Paul and his company enough with the service that he provided.
I would urge anyone in our situation to use Paul.

Regards Gina 

Bessie : Tibshelf : August 2021

I would just like to say a big thank you from myself and my family.
Yvonne showed so much kindness  to us and Charlie on one of the hardest days anyone could imagine. She put Charlie at ease and he was not scared or in any distress which was the best for him, as he is terrified of the vets and if we had had to go there to have his final moments it would have been upsetting for all of us.
Instead he got to spend his final moments at home with his loved ones, surrounded by his own things and smells.

We can't thank you enough for giving us all that time to say goodbye. We never felt rushed. It meant alot for us to carry him out of the house to your car too.
Thank you for the kind card a few days later, it was lovely you had gone to such efforts to show kindness.

Thank you all for your hard work in what must be a very difficult job sometimes. Regards the E.. family x

Charlie : Nottingham June 2021

Hi Yvonne

Thank you for the lovely card and kind words we really appreciated them. I cannot say how grateful we are that you came and helped Millie.
Your kindness and gentle manner made the experience  so much easier for her and knowing she was painfree  and comfortable in her  own bed was a great comfort to us.
Thank you so much for such a caring service,

With warm wishes Diane and Jenny.  Thank you x

Millie : Sheffield : May 2021

Hello Paul and Yvonne,

I just wanted to drop you a line to express our sincerest thanks for your caring service, and to leave the following review:

Many weeks have passed since our beloved West Highland White Terrier Tiger was gently euthanised at home by Yvonne of Quietus Vet. We are still coming to terms with the loss of our beautiful old boy Tiger.
We miss him terribly - he was the most wonderful companion to us all.
I want to express our heartfelt thanks to Paul and Yvonne for providing such a compassionate and professional service in our hour of need. You made sure that Tiger was not in any distress and he passed peacefully with my arms around him.

Your service is quite simply ‘a light in the dark’ I cannot thank you enough!

With our eternal gratitude and very best wishes, 
Louisa Taylor and family


Tiger : Nottingham : April 2021

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for your quiet professionalism and reassurance during Spike's euthanasia.
We are lost without him but know we gave him a great life and a dignified end. Your 5 star COVID-19 safe service meant we were able to stay with Spike and keep him calm and send him off with all our love.

Here are some pictures of him in his heyday and with Chilli who passed over the Rainbow Bridge 3 years prior, again with your service. We are safe in the knowledge that they are reunited. When he is returned home to us, we'll be making a special  trip to the coast to scatter his ashes in the sea as we did with Chilli. They loved their time at the coast.

Thank You       Jane & Kev T

Spike : Mansfield : April 2021

Moo : Nottingham : March 2021

Titan our much loved 8 year old  black German Shepherd was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal disease which spread very quickly.

When the time came to think of euthanasia we found Quietus Vet online - they are excellent. Paul came to our home and was so kind and caring to Titan who gradually fell asleep with our arms around him and his mother Lola and brother Blue nearby.

There was no stress everything was calm and normal for Titan and we are just so thankful to have found Quietus - we know we gave him the best !! 

Thank you Paul from Jean and Steve C~ 

Titan : Derbyshire : March 2021

I had my beloved bunny - Reggie - put to sleep by Quietus Vets on Friday 26 February 2021.
He had been my little mate since my partner died 5 years ago, and it was incredibly sad for me to lose him. Reggie brought joy to my heart and made me smile every day through the most difficult years of my life. He was a rescue when I got him and although still handsome, playful and full of life, he was an old boy and his little body was failing.

When I realised that it might be time to get him put to sleep, I called Quietus Vets and spoke to Paul; it isn't their usual practice to euthanise rabbits, but Paul listened to me explain that I couldn't bear to take Reggie to the vets and not be able to be with him when he died due to Covid-19 restrictions. He was kind and understanding and agreed that I could have Reggie euthanised at home.
It was Yvonne who came on the day, she was sensitive and professional as she guided me through the process and made me feel like we were in safe hands.
Reggie was able to die at peace while I held him in my arms, sitting in our garden in glorious sunshine - we had a beautiful last day.

That meant more to me than words can say, I felt like I was able to honour all that Reggie had gifted me with throughout our life together by giving him that gift in return. It was the best ending possible for my precious boy, which helps to give me peace and comfort going forwards.

I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone who sadly needs it.
I hope that expresses my gratitude to you. Keep doing what you do, it is a vital service that can make all the difference to the grieving process. 
Thanks again! Best wishes Corrina and Rona-Bunny

Reggie : Derbyshire : February 2021

Dear Paul,

We cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of Nevis on her way over to rainbow bridge.
It was such a heartbreaking decision but we knew it was the right time. You were so caring, and professional.

It was nice to see the sun making an appearance for her on her final day. We are all missing her so much, but have a lot of fantastic memories to look back on.

Thank you so much once again, and thank you for the lovely card.
Here’s some pictures of her in her prime x

Kind regards Carl, Ness and Winnie (2nd best Weimeraner) xxx

Nevis : Ollerton : February 2021

It took me a while to make the decision to have my dog, Rosie put to rest.
It was really difficult for me to do this, so I wanted the process to be as calm as possible for Rosie.
Yvonne was marvellous, kind and caring. I got to spend time with Rosie at every stage and didnt feel like this time was rushed.
Rosie calmly went to sleep - peacefully at home,  just as she deserved. Thank you Yvonne 

Rosie : Nottingham : February 2021

Hi Paul/Yvonne,

We just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to Yvonne for coming to our home recently. She had such a gentle, understanding manner and I never felt rushed during the process of saying goodbye to our wonderful little Holly. 

Sadly Holly's diminishing health had meant the time had come to let her go but we were struggling to come to terms with lockdown dictating that we couldn't be with her during her final moments. I came across you by chance online and so glad I did. 

The whole process was explained thoroughly and dealt with in the most sensitive and dignified manner for Holly. She was able to slip away, snuggled in her bed with me by her side, and for that I will always be grateful.
The hand written card that arrived a few days later was a lovely touch too.
You honestly made such a sad time that bit easier - thank you. I've attached a photo of Holly from her younger years - I hope she makes you smile.

Kindest regards, R & T


Holly : Mansfield : February 2021

We just want to say a huge thank you to Yvonne, for coming to our home during lockdown. 
Our vet wouldn't do home visits because of Covid, and there was no way that we would have taken our beautiful Viszla to the surgery as he (and us) would have found it so traumatic. 
Yvonne was so professional, calm and unintrusive, and gave us plenty of time to say our very emotional and  sad farewells in our home, where Otto was warm, comfortable and in his favourite bed.   

We would recommend Quietus Vets to anyone when the inevitable sad time comes.

A huge thank you once again for making a heartbreaking time much easier.

G and B

Otto : Derby : January 2021

Just a quick note to say thank you to Yvonne.
As I explained I had Diesel since I took him from the rescue in 2008 when he was a few months old. During that time he has rarely left my side.
He has spent 24 hours a day with me and accompanied me everywhere even though at times we were living between two countries. We have had many dogs over the years and I all I wanted was for Diesel to be put to sleep at home and that was why i got in touch.

I did not think that how that was achieved made much difference but how wrong I was. Your sensitivity and the gentle method of the procedure was outstanding and it was so comforting for me to know that I was doing the very best I could by him at the end of his life. My gentle giant deserved the very best of care and that’s what you gave him. Not only was the actual treatment exemplary but I am also very thankful for your understanding, sensitivity and gentleness towards him...

I am very privileged to have had Diesel and his death was the natural order of things given his age. I am very sad but can’t be sorry as we had a great life together. He continued to have quality of life right up until the last few hours and thanks to you he had quality in death. That means so much.
With best wishes...

Diesel : Alfreton : January 2021

We are so very pleased Paul was the vet who we spoke to at length on the the phone & here at home when making the decision to say goodbye to Smudge.

Smudge was a 12 1/2 year old miniature schnauzer with Lymphoma.  We knew the time was right, his quality of life was diminishing daily & we owed it to him to have a dignified passing at home in our arms.
His two doggie brothers were beside him the whole time which we felt was so important for them.
Paul was so calm, gentle and caring to Smudge and to us. 

In the middle of this pandemic we had been worried when given the diagnosis is November about how we would cope. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone facing a heartbreaking decision about a much loved pet. Smudge gave us so much love and joy, we are struggling each day without him, but have so many memories.

The card from Paul was very much appreciated & only confirmed what a compassionate, caring vet he is. Kay, Phil   Bo & Ralph

Smudge : Sheffield : January 2021

We just wanted to say a huge thank you Paul for your help recently with Reba, our Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
You were so kind and caring and allowed us the time we needed to say goodbye to our girl who we’d had for over 14 years, since she was 8 weeks old. We were able to have her wrapped in the blanket she’d had from being that little puppy, which was a great comfort to us.

The card we received from you afterwards was a lovely thoughtful gesture and Reba is now home where she belongs.

 We would have no hesitation in recommending you for when the time comes to let your best friend go.

 Thanks again Paul.

Reba : Rotherham November 2020

We would like to thank Yvonne for the lovely, caring way she dealt with our much loved dog "O".

We are so pleased we could our goodbyes to him in our own house during these difficult times with the pandemic. Yvonne was so careful following distancing rules at all times and made the whole process calm, quiet and not rushed.

We are so grateful that Yvonne made as much time as we needed to be with him. She has an incredible calming and understanding nature. We would highly recommend you to others and thank you again for making our last moments with "O" calm, dignified and pain free.

Kind regards P & S

O - Nottingham January 2021

Bentley went to sleep comfortably at home in my husbands arms with dignity and peace.
He was not old - had just had his ninth birthday party as he would never have another.
He was totally loved , trustworthy and loyal and loved to play right till his end.

He inherited a gene from his parents( breeders beware) and had degenerative mylopathy a disease of the spinal cord and was on walking wheels for the last 2 months. The disease is cruel as it envelops all actions of the spinal cord in not sending messages to the brain. If we had let him go on he would loose bladder and bowel control and the use of his front limbs. We couldn't put him through that. It was the right time (but not for us). It had to be the best death for Bentley.

He was euthanased on the13th November by Paul and quietly skipped away. Thank you so much...

Bentley : Crich November 2020

Dear Paul 

I would like to thank you for the euthanasia of our beloved Max. Yvonne was fantastic caring and professional - the whole experience was less traumatic than going to the vets.
The 3 tier system really works (and) gave us time to say a proper goodbye to Max. The whole experience was really calm. We cannot thank you enough.
I will highly recommend you to friends and family. Once again we cannot thank you enough.

Kind regards  J & J 

Max : Sutton in Ashfield : November 2020

When the time came for our elderly fur baby to leave us we were caught in the middle of the pandemic. The local veterinary surgery proved to be of no support at all during this emotional time and indeed a phone call with them only added to an already painful experience.
I searched the internet in search of help and found ‘Quietusvet’, I read the reviews and felt a glimmer of hope.
Paul retuned my message and despite us being out of area he did come out.

Mildred, our 18 1/2 year old westie/Jack Russel was allowed to pass away in her favourite spot so very peacefully. I feel sure she wasn’t even aware that Paul had arrived.
Whilst we are filled with sadness we feel so very blessed that Mildred passed so peacefully and that our memories of her passing are in the knowledge that we and Paul did the very best for her.

I highly recommend Quietusvet.

Mildred : Doncaster November 2020

Hi Paul just wanted to thank you for the professional way you helped us with taking care of our baby boy Ralphie, it was a very stressful time and your help was much appreciated.

Have  to say a big thank you to Yvonne who visited us at our home and dealt with all of our needs to ensure Ralphie was looked after and cared for in the most loving way at his and or time of need.

A big thankyou also for the lovely card we received after. Many thanks  John & Mary 

Ralphie : Nottingham October 2020

For me, one of the hardest things is to have to say goodbye to my beloved pets. It's like losing a member of my family.

When the time came for my cat Violet to be put to sleep I knew I had to call Quietus Vets. 

To have to put Violet, and me, through the stress of going to the vets is bad enough but to have her put to sleep there is something I didn't want to think about. I didn't have to. I am so grateful to Quietus Vets for offering this home service because it takes all of that stress away. 
Yvonne came round a few hours after I rang and straight away I felt warmth, compassion and patience from her. Violet was 18 and had a few problems and had suddenly gone downhill and Yvonne agreed that it was the right thing to do. I had already said goodbye but Yvonne went out the room so I could have more cuddles and kisses with Violet and I didn't feel rushed in any way. 
Yvonne wore a mask the whole time and I felt 'Covid safe' the whole time that she was here. Violet looked so peaceful, just like when she was sleeping. This made my heart less heavy. I knew Violet was in safe hands when Yvonne placed her in a lovely basket and took her to be cremated -  returning her ashes a week or so later in a beautiful curled up wooden cat.
I think Yvonne and Paul are amazing for what they do and they are so understanding of your needs. This service is worth every penny and I would definitely use Quietus Vets again. Thank you Yvonne for making something extremely hard a little easier.

PS. I also received a lovely handwritten card from Yvonne which was very much appreciated.

Violet : Derby October 2020

Hi Paul  

Thank you so much for coming on Wednesday - our vets are refusing to do home visits with Covid and I certainly didn’t want my boy's final journey to be a stressful one.
I was so grateful that I found you on the internet. The 3 stage euthanasia is by far the most gentlest process.   I do want to apologise for my lack of words when you came round but im sure you must experience that with almost all your visits.
I do want to thank you so much for being there for my boy, you are such a lovely, caring, gentle man.

So once again thank you and I did appricate your time and patiences at our very sad time of saying bye to our beloved boy Sprocket.   Thank you so much.  

Kindest regards   L.

Sprocket : Chilwell October 2020

Such a sad, empty house since the passing of my beloved little dog, Beanie, on 5th October. 
The only consolation is the beautiful way he left us  - no fear or stress, no pain and just peaceful sleep thanks to Quietus. 
He was a frail 19 year old, still enjoying life, and especially his chicken-based meals, up until a few days before I had to make that awful decision.  Thank you so much, Paul, for your kindness to Beanie and myself, it has helped to make his loss more bearable.
All best wishes - B.

Beanie : Belper October 2020

Hi Paul.
Please thank Yvonne for the lovely card she sent us.
We were very appreciative of the compassionate, unhurried way that she cared for Wallace.
Kind regards S and W

Wallace : Nuthall October 2020

Dear Paul,

On behalf of Poppy and myself I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday.

Your compassion and professional, gentle manner made a difficult day as easy as was possible.

Stay safe and well,

Kindest Regards, S.

Poppy : ~~ East Bridgeford October 2020

Hi Paul.
Just wanted to say a final thank you for the kind and caring send off that you gave to our Alfie. I'm sure you hear this from every owner, but Alfie was an exceptional dog. He was our friend and it was important to us that, when the time came, he was allowed to slip away in the kindest way possible. We miss him dearly but take comfort in the fact that he was allowed to go with dignity and without pain.

I note that you say you enjoy seeing photos of owners animals in happier times, so, not one to disappoint, please enjoy the attached. One of Alfie's 'are we there yet?’ photos taken on the way to Wales, one of his favourite destinations. 

I have placed a review on Google for your info Thanks again L & P

Alfie : ~~ Sandiacre September 2020

Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for your kind help with putting our beloved Kaiser to sleep. The way you did it was to say the least professional and so reassuring to us that we took the right decision.
We would have no hesitation in recommending Quietus Vet to anyone wanting to put their pet to sleep in a far better place.

Simply super bloke who is so kind to not only your pet but to you as their owners. Thank you and we are rest assured that we did take the right decision. Kind regards A and B September 2020

Kaiser Worksop September 2020

We were dreading saying goodbye to our beloved Amber and I couldn’t bear the trauma of taking her to our vet !! She hated travelling in the car and I wanted her final hours to be as peaceful as possible !
I found Paul by searching on Google for pet euthanasia at home and it was the best thing I have ever done ! Paul was brilliant the whole way through Ambers final day with us ! She sat on my knee and I can honestly say she never felt a thing !
Paul is so professional yet very caring and made our hardest day bearable and definitely left us knowing it was the best decision we made.
He then took Amber to be cremated and yesterday bought our furbaby back to us .  We still have Jade , Ambers sister and when her time comes I hope Paul is still able to come to us to help again.

Thank you so much Paul . From B and A

Amber. Nottingham. August 2020

Dear Paul

We would like to thank you for the way you euthanised Sheba. Your Kindness towards John Sheba and myself is so appreciated.
You did it in such a Human way. Sheba did not suffer at all.
We are Heartbroken to have lost her but we know it was for her sake and that it was best for her.
Thank you so much once again

\Best Wishes from T and J x

Dear Paul. We are finding it difficult without Sheba expecting to see her when we walk through to the front room. We know it was for the best for Sheba we could not have let her suffer any more as we love her too much the two little ones have been quite looking round the garden for her and her daughter Keeta came today and she wasn’t herself. Went straight to where Sheba’s bed used to be.
It's funny how they know and its still early days for us all. I have spoke highly of you on facebook and we would recommend you to anyone looking. Looking forward to seeing you Best Wishes from T and J.

Sheba. Nottingham. August 2020

Hi Paul,
It is three weeks today since I had to ring you for help to put my cat Wabby to sleep. She was nineteen and three months old, it was a really hard decision for me to make and I am grateful that you were able to send out Yvonne at such short notice.
This was a much different experience of putting a pet to sleep than I have experienced before - Yvonne was really kind and understanding and it made the upsetting and stressful situation much easier for me and Wabby.
She was put peacefully to sleep in our garden in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Yvonne even sent me a lovely sympathy card which was appreciated and a complete suprise.
I will certainly recommend you to my friends should they be in the difficult situation of needing their pet put to sleep. Thank you, J

clay cross

Wabby. Clay Cross. July 2020

It's taken along time to come and write a review...

I had to have put my beloved boy Alfie put to sleep 13 weeks ago now and though heartbroken I know that I made 100% the right decision in choosing Quietus Vet Paul.
I knew the time was imminent when I phoned Paul to make arrangements to put Alfie at rest due to his diagnosis of cancer. I arranged for Paul to come on the Tuesday after the phone called on the Thursday.  We had a lovely few days however Alfie declined fast on the Sunday and my beautiful boy was in too much pain, the pain relief had stopped working and I had to phone Paul to come that day.

Quietus Vet Paul was brilliant throughout the whole procedure - he was professional yet informal and sensitive to the situation.  Paul arrived within 45minutes of my call to him and spent a little time introducing himself to Alfie - the most reassuring thing for me was that Alfie positively liked Paul where as he hated going to the vets. 

Paul explained each stage gently and clearly and gave us the time alone in between each stage. Although obviously sad, it was also a beutiful experience that we wouldn't have had at or with a regular vet. Alfie litterally went peacefully to sleep on my lap.. .  Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for making our ending so much easier to bear.

Put to Sleep in lap


Alfie - June 20

Would like to say thank you for helping us when our nearly twelve year old Great Dane was no longer able to cope with his back legs.

We had delayed the horrible decision for a long time but despite having a great appetite still, his legs were causing him a lot of discomfort, frequent falls and really taking his quality of life.  The whole procedure took an hour with Major being able to be in his favorite place in the garden, in the sunshine, and have us close by comforting him. He didn't notice any of the needles and although it totally broke our hearts, he was in no discomfort.
Paul was patient and talked us through everything and I would highly recommend him to help anyone through this sad situation that us fur baby parents sadly have to experience. 
Thanks again.  Regards, Andrea and Steve

Major. June 2020. Ripley Derbyshire

My goodness I cannot thank Paul enough for all he has done for my Labrador Vinnie. 

It took a while to make the decision, he was 13 and not in a particularly good way, but on contacted my vet they suggested they could put him to sleep in their back yard due to Covid-19.  How could I just leave my beautiful boy in a yard, without me, to end his days. 

The vet recommended Quietus and I am so glad they did.  Paul was absolutely amazing from start to finish, he made talking about it easy when I called to make the arrangements.  He walked me through what would happen and what I could expect. 
When the dreaded day came he text me to let me know when he would be arriving, turned up bang on time and from the moment he came into the house he felt like a friend.  I cannot say it was easy for me, but what I can say is that he made it so relaxed and calm for Vinnie.  Nothing was rushed, I knew exactly what was going to happen, how and when.  I had plenty of time to say my goodbyes and be with my boy. 

Paul deserves the highest praise for what he does in the most difficult of times, he is kind, caring, calm and yet still has a lovely sense of humour. 
I felt that he not only looked after Vinnie but he also looked after me and I shall be forever indebted for that compassion.

Thank you Paul from the bottom of my heart, you are an absolute star.

I have already passed Pauls' details on to friends and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you for reading this.

Vinnie. Nottingham. June 2020

It is getting close to 6 weeks now that my beloved Imbali died peacefully in my arms.

There is nothing easy about making this final decision and we have to take every day one step a time to find a new normal for ourselves.Your service provided the greatest of comforts under the circumstances, knowing that she can die in her bed, in her house, close to us and at peace and rested.

Clowne Euthanize 2020

Thank you.Imbali, Sandra & Filip

Imbali. NE Derbyshire. May 2020

It was such a hard and heartbreaking decision to have to contact Paul at Quietus and talk to him about putting Hector to sleep.  

We arranged a home visit which couldn’t be guaranteed by our registered vets due to Covid-19. Paul was absolutely brilliant from start to finish and was able to add in social distancing whilst still providing a bespoke, empathetic service at home.  
Throughout the experience Paul was professional guiding us through every step whilst maintaining a ‘human touch’. Having a beloved family pet put to sleep is one of the most distressing decisions and experiences we’ve endured as a family, Paul made this dark day bearable  and helped us to come to terms with our inevitable decision.

We will be eternally grateful to Paul for providing our gorgeous Hector with a completely peaceful, respectful  and painless end to his life where we all lay with him and hugged him in his own bed until the very end.
Even our Weimaraner was considered and involved and we were given post bereavement advice for her.  If that awful time is facing you we highly recommend that you contact Paul as his end of life pet care is the very best.  

Hector. Chesterfield. June 2020

“Unfortunately due to illness and old age we had to make that decision no pet owner wants to make, it was time to let Oscar go before he started suffering severe pain and discomfort.  He was still eating normally, and wagging that powerful tail of his, the tail of destruction we called it.  But he kept losing his balance and his hind legs were going.   

We contacted Paul, who talked to us about Oscar, his abilities and lack of them and we made an appointment for Paul to come to our home so that Oscar would leave from where he had started out, at home.  Paul offered support and compassion, he gave us the space we needed and encouraged our younger lab to be there, which helped him... immensely, as whilst Oscar was with us Henry knew he was both old and in pain, often sitting with him, licking him etc. 
We were able to spend time with Oscar when he was given his injection to enable him to be pain free, he could feel us stroking him and he was totally relaxed.  After his second injection again we sat with him while he then went into sedation, knowing we were sitting there right by his side, he was not alone, and was comfortable, more importantly he was at home. 
Then after the final injection we were able to join Oscar and have our final goodbye’s.  Although a very sad and difficult time Paul made it a beautiful experience for all of us. 
Thank you Paul, we are so grateful for Quietus and so pleased we you as an alternative when making such a difficult and unwanted decision for Oscar.”

Oscar. Higham Derbyshire. May 2020

Just occasionally, through life, a beautiful happening takes place which raises us above our pain.
Experiencing your care for Caesar and for [us], was one such moment.
We miss him terribly.....but we thank you for such a dignified ending to his precious life which has been full of fun and delight for all three of us.
Our very best wishes...

Caesar. Carlton Nottingham. June 2020

We always knew that at sometime we would have to make that very difficult decision to help our 14 year old Springer Molly put to sleep. 
We just want to say a huge thank you for helping us through this very difficult and emotional time. Your quick response and professional knowledge gave me comfort knowing we had made the right decision.  When you came to our house you were kind, caring, compassionate and made the whole process much easier for us, even during the COVID -19 situation.
The 3 stage process was just perfect and you gave us the time we needed to say goodbye. Molly was so comfortable and peaceful at the end.
The card you sent us was a lovely personal thought.  As a family we are so grateful for your services and have recommended you to many of our friends.  Thank you once again  Diane and family Doncaster.

Doncaster Put to Sleep

Molly. Doncaster. May 2020

After our dog Titan became very poorly at home you were recommended to us, during the covid lockdown we thought we would be forced to leave our dog to suffer until he passed away naturally.
We booked with you to come and euthanise our boy at home, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, we as a family were there with him till the very end. Your care and compassion was second to none, the dignity you gave Titan and the pure love you showed to us all was outstanding.
I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us, the updates and aftercare were also fantastic, we were delivered Titan’s ashes after his individual cremation by yourself 12 days after his death.
You sent a card sympathising with our loss and the personal touch to his urn with the box and card in was just wonderful. Thank you Paul, you are truly wonderful and the most amazing vet, I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for our Titan.  
Best wishes and forever grateful Kirsty, Mark and the children xxx

Titan. Pleasley. May 2020

Hello Paul

...We are so grateful to you for coming out to put Jonah to sleep, especially during this present difficult time. We knew he was in his last days but he had really deteriorated during the week before you came to us. We had been dreading this as we knew that our vet wouldn't be able to come to the house and the thought of taking Jonah in to a place he hated was awful. So I was really pleased to find your web site (also subsequently recommended by our vet) as it meant Jonah could be put to sleep in his own bed in his own home with us there to talk to him and stroke him.
And it was very peaceful and painless for him and we loved the fact that he could gently go to sleep with the sedative before the final injections. 

He does leave a big hole as he was such a character and our house feels very empty without an animal friend in it after nearly 40 years but we know that because of your care and kindness to Jonah and to us his ending was the best it could have been.  I've attached a few photos so that you can see Jonah as he was before he got old and ill ... just looking handsome! :D 

Thank you again. Gillian & Richard.

Jonah Clay Cross

Jonah. Clay Cross. May 2020

Gedling 2020

Beckitt. Gedling. May 2020

Hi Paul

We would just like to thank you for all your support and guidance.  Jack was a big part of our family and making that final decision was so very hard.  
You can go on telling yourselves that everything is going to be alright and then talk yourself out of the right decision but you helped us through this.  
It was such a roller coaster of emotions on the day you arrived but you talked us through every step of the way and made Jack's last moments very peaceful. At home being with Jack on his final journey with all the love around him was all we could have wished for. Thank you Paul
Jack loved life to the full, so many memories. Thank you again Denise & Chris Derby

Jack. Derby. April 2020

Hi Paul,
I wanted to send my thanks for what you did for Kes and for me last week.  From the initial call which was so difficult, to the visit itself, you were so reassuring and compassionate which made an awful decision so much easier to cope with.  
The thing that stays with me most was the time you spent with Kes on arrival making sure he felt comfortable with your presence and also your determination throughout to ensure he wasn’t at all anxious or aware of what was happening.  That meant such a lot to me and I can’t really express how grateful I am.    

I called you because I wanted a home visit in these difficult Covid times and my vet couldn’t offer that service.  But now, if I need to make a similar decision for Rosie in the future, I will definitively call on you again.   And while I was composing this email, your card arrived.  Thank you again.  My worries about whether I had made the right decision were eased by your comments on the day and looking back I can see it was definitely the right time for him. Please feel free to use this in any way if it helps you to promote the invaluable work you do.  You are a very special vet and person.


Kes. Farnsfield. May 2020

Hi Paul.

Firstly, let me thank you for your time and respect you provided my family and I in our time of great sadness and pain. You do an extremely difficult job, yet you remain level-headed and professional.

Well where do I start. My Pitbull Chalice was diagnosed on the 18/04/20 after an emergency trip to the vets which left him very poorly with only one outcome. I contacted Paul, so my Soul mate Chalice could be put to rest with the people who love him the most. Paul talked us through the stages as we all said our goodbyes. It was the most heart-breaking point in our lives, but the right decision for our boy. Paul did a fantastic job from the first phone call/meeting to then hand delivering our boy back home. Chalice had a zest for life but sadly his body had other ideas. But within us his memory shell always live strong.

Thank you, Paul, so very much. Your services were very much appreciated.

Love from the Stephenson crew.


Chalice. Derby. April 2020.

Dear Paul

Thank you so much for your patience and support with us as we said goodbye to our beautiful girl Lacie. Everything you did was explained to us and nothing was done until we were ready.
Your help and kindness was so appreciative during such a hard decicion.
Lacie was so calm during her last part of her life which is what we wanted for her not the stress of the vets.
I would recommend you to anyone 

Lacie. Conisbrough. May 2020

Dear Paul, I just wanted to thank you for the kind and caring service you give at a sad and difficult time.

As hard as it was ,to say goodbye to our much loved Rhea, you were very reassuring in letting us know it was the right decision.Our grateful thanks once again

Kind regards

Rhea. Burton-on-Trent. May 2020

Hello Paul
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the service you provided for us with saying goodbye to our beloved Halo.
I honestly can't thank you enough for your kindness and compassion in allowing Halo to have a peaceful and gentle death.

It helped so much with what was a heartbreaking time and for us and will definitely help us with the grieving process of losing her. You provide a very special service and I will be forever grateful to you.

Thank you Geraldine

Halo. Nottingham. April 2020

We were so glad we found Quietus.
We live in South Yorkshire and were distraught at the thought of taking our precious dog to the vets. He was a rescue dog and he got very stressed at the vets.

Paul came to our house and was so very supportive and kind.
The 3 steps were taken slowly and with such care.

We cannot thank Paul enough and would not hesitate to recommend Quietus.
Lyn and Dave Mansell. Doncaster

Rand. Doncaster. April 2020

Retford 2020

Thank you so much for giving my MartyCat a beautiful and gentle death at the place he loved best, his home!
I especially appreciate you coming out during the COVID-19 lockdown.
Keep safe

MartyCat April 2005 -April 2020

Marty, Retford. April 2020

Good afternoon Paul.

Firstly, can I just say thank you so much for making a difficult decision easier.  Your kindness and compassion were beyond my expectations and I couldn't have asked for a more peaceful passing for Zara.  You ensured that J and I had time and privacy throughout your visit, you also ensured that we understood each step and talked us through everything in such a caring way. 

I cannot thank you enough.
Although it's never easy saying goodbye to members of our fur family, to have Zara in her home with her loving family meant so much to her and us. 

'Truly thankful to you Paul and I would never say goodbye any other way ever again.  

Take care, stay well, stay safe.
C and J (Glossop) April 2020

Zara. Glossop. April 2020.

I’d like to leave a review on your website if that’s ok and thank you for your services yesterday. I don’t think it could have been done in a better way for Max.

“I contacted Paul about our dog Max.
Max was a 15 year old Labrador that has had a very loving family home all his life and has been a wonderful and faithful friend so letting him go was an extremely hard thing to even contemplate.  
I didn’t want to transport max to his normal vets as I didn’t want to cause him more distress (he was never good in cars). Paul’s in home service was ideal for him.
Paul was very compassionate and kept us informed right through every stage of the process. The 1st stage of the process gave Max total relieve from his pain and discomfort and it was so nice to have these last few moments with him when he was relaxed and pain free.

We are so grateful for Paul’s service and feel sure that this was the nicest and kindest way for max to leave us.”

Max. Heanor. March 2020

Review Rotherham Feb 2020

The 2 Janets, Rotherham February 2020


I would like to thank Paul for the lovely way he helped my lovely dog Riley.
After 16 years it was time and Paul made it bearable.
I would recommend his service to anyone facing this awful decision.

Riley, Swallownest Nr. Sheffield February 2020

Hi Paul,

I've finally been in the right head space to write a review of the service that you kindly gave my family at the end of last year.

We had to let Alfie go on 13th December 2019.  He had struggled significantly since he had become deaf and blind plus his worsening dementia was getting too much for him. 
Our vets had been incredibly caring but were unable to do a home visit at a particular time and day and might even have had to cancel if an emergency came up and we just couldn't bear that. 
My daughter found Quietus Vets online and we knew immediately that was what we needed.
From our initial, difficult conversation to every moment you were in our home, the care that you gave both Alfie but also ourselves was just perfect. You completely enabled him to be relaxed and content at home and the step-wise approach gave us the chance to cuddle and kiss him goodbye in our own time.  

There's not a day goes by that we don't miss him but knowing that it was the right time and that he was at home with us is of great comfort. Thank you so much Paul for everything.

Fondest Regards, The M. Family x

Alfie. Near Rainsworth. December 2019

Dear Paul

We would just like to say a huge thank you for your kind and caring treatment of our beloved Harvey.

You made the experience of saying goodbye so much more personal. We truly believe he was calm right to the end with the love and calmness that he deserved. Our life is now empty without him in it, but we take solace knowing he drifted away calmly and not frightened, just loved.

The work you do is amazing and you are clearly passionate to the feelings of both animals and parents. Giving us the space and time to say our goodbyes, 

We cannot thank you enough for all you did, you were amazing, again thank-you.

L & S Ripley

Harvey, Ripley Derbyshire, December 2019

Hi Paul

We have attempted to leave a review on Google but failed miserably :(

Thanks for your help again today.  Having made the difficult decision regarding Nessie we have found your involvement supportive, calming and reassuring throughout.
From the first phone call, your prompt attendance and gentle assistance to the delivery of the ashes has made the whole difficult experience so much easier.

Thank you
Gene and Helen

Nessie, Derby January 2020

Hi Paul

Sorry it’s taken so long - still struggling with the loss,but would like to leave a review.

Worst decision we’ve ever had to make but we know it was the right one for Archie.
Paul was great from the off set.
Was very assuring and calm.
Fully understood what we was going through.

Still hurts so much but we’ll never forget our handsome boy Archie.

Thank you Paul highly recommend you to anyone.

Nicola Doncaster

Archie Doncaster October 2019

Thank you for helping my beloved cat, Lottie, to pass away peacefully and stress free at home.
It was the final thing that could be done for her and it was so important that it was right.

To be able to carry her out of her home, for the last time and to see the way you treated her so respectfully was such a comfort. Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure her final journey was so right.

Stef, Sheffield

Lottie Sheffield November 2019

Hi Paul

I would like to thank you for what you did for me, it was the hardest decision I have ever had to make, but I knew deep down as Kuroi (my dog) was in pain and needed to go.
You did this with respect and dignity, informing me of everything that was happening never rushing me, and giving me space to talk to Kuroi.

She wasn’t distressed as she was in her bed in her favourite space in front of the window. You took away her pain and left us to have our goodbyes. I can’t thank you enough. Regards Samantha

Kuroi Sheffield October 2019

Hi Paul

It is some weeks since you came to our home to put our beloved collie, Florence to sleep.

...however, I wanted to thank you so much for making Florence’s passing so peaceful and beautiful not just for her but for us. This would never have been achieved had we taken her to be put to sleep at the vets as her anxiety levels were always through the roof at each visit.

The space you gave us to say goodbye and the care you took in both explaining beforehand what was going to happen, but also not rushing the process, was really appreciated.

 I can’t recommend Quietus highly enough. Thank you again.

Regards Caroline

Florence October 2019

"This is the best money I think I have ever spent!"

K in Castle Donnington

Jimbo September 2019

Hi Paul, I hope you are well.

After what was a very upsetting time for us, Paul made it so much more bearable. Very calming and personable. Can’t thank him enough. Lisa

Coco Eastwood September 2019

I would like to thank Paul for his compassion and care whilst helping our pet Dalmation Pepper, pass to doggie heaven.
We were devastated to lose her, but Paul's professional gentle attitude and kindness to her and us made the process so much easier to bear.
It is with thanks and gratitude I write this on behalf of our family and friends. Best wishes Ali

Pepper In Sheffield. September 2019

Hello Paul
To say 'thank you' doesn't seem enough but we are so glad that you were here for our cat, Charlie and us, to be so gentle and understanding, with his best interests at heart.
We knew as soon as we first spoke to you, that we were making the right decision and when it came to that time, even though it felt like our hearts were breaking, you treated sweet Charlie x and us with such consideration and care, it helped us through and Charlie passed with serenity and peace from all his pain.
We will always love and miss him xxx
We would totally recommend Paul and the heartfelt service he provides
Thank you Paul for everything from Mel and Pat

Charlie Mapperley August 2019

Dear Paul,

Thank you so much for coming out to our home at short notice on a Bank Holiday weekend and helping Angel end her life so peacefully. She drifted off exactly in the spot where she had chosen to settle (under her favourite Acer tree) without even being aware that you were there.
We miss her so much but find some comfort in the knowledge that she had the best life and the best death that a cat could possibly have.

Regards, Angela

Angel West Bridgeford. August 2019

Dear Paul

Thank you for returning Tia to us today.
We took great comfort in Tia being at home in the end with all the people who loved her.You were full of compassion and professional and the card you sent was beautiful.
We as a family fully recommend your services and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Kind regards Paula and Sue

Tia Rotherham September 2019

By Text

Hi Paul Just a really big thank you for Bruno
What you did for Bruno this morning far exceeded our expectations.
Thank you

Bruno August 2019 North Worksop

Hello, I would love to send my review.

We chose Paul because we knew our dog (Bonnie) would get way too stressed it we tried to get her to the vets, and also it would've been hard on us to lift her into the car, as she really struggled with her back legs.
Paul was amazing and very understanding, letting us have our own space with Bon and explaining every step clearly to us, exactly what was happening and reassuring us that we were doing the right thing. He stayed for around an hour carrying out the three step process, and it was much nicer than the single needle at the vets.
Afterwards, he left us for some time to say goodbye before placing her on the stretcher he brought. He let us cover her with a blanket, leaving her head out. She looked very peaceful.

He dealt with the important paperwork and money beforehand, so when the process was over we had nothing to worry about.
I would recommend Paul to anybody, because Bonnie got to leave this earth in a place she had lived her entire life around people that absolutely loved her to pieces.


Bonnie August 2019 SE

Good afternoon Paul,

We would like to say a big Thank you to you for your kindness and compassion and coming to our home on the 14/8/2019 to euthanise our faithful and beloved border collie Ben.
A very difficult time for us,it was  calm and peaceful for Ben to be with us in our Home.
You provided us with a caring and 1st Class service.

Yours sincerely Sue Ken Brock  [Bens mum dad, We had 11 happy years together and memories we will always treasure.

Ben Brock: August 2019 : Nottingham

I’ve finally mustered up the strength to write our review for you, 

 Holly - A lover of muddy puddles and bluebells

As a family, we are so very grateful for the tender and caring way you guided us through the heart wrenching moments when we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Holly. 

She had been a massive part of our family for 14 years, and when the time came to let her sleep, I couldn’t have asked for a better person to lead us through the process. Although I didn’t say it on the day, I was very aware how tenderly you were speaking to us , and how time was no issue for you. 

I thoroughly appreciate the way you discreetly moved to another room, after each injection, allowing us have our final moments to privately love and cuddle our Holly.

Holly DogThank you Paul for the card. It meant a lot. 

I will be recommending you greatly to all my friends and family who love their dogs.      

Many thanks, Katie Gannon

Holly July 2019 Mansfield

Thank you for making the hardest decision as bearable as possible, you have such empathy and kindness with not only our fur babies but with their owners as well and you helped my four legged partner in crime slip away peacefully in my arms.

AJ. Derby. July 2019


We want to say thank you for all your help when we came to the impossible decision for our beautiful big Labrador, Danny, last week.

We got him when he was about 8 weeks old and he was just 3 weeks short of his 12th birthday when we lost him. He was the most beautiful boy, so clever and full of fun, he loved everybody and just lit up our lives with joy everyday.
Needless to say, losing him has left a huge Danny-sized hole in our lives, and Ellie, his younger sister, misses him too.

Thank you so much for all your kindness, your patience and support on that day. It was a great comfort to be at home with him and for Ellie to be with us all too during that last hour. Your professionalism is second to none.

Home Euthanasia Nottingham 2019

Danny Cook. Nottingham. July 2019


Thank you kindly for your service.
Although its been over two years since we said goodbye to Lexi - I think about her often. It is comforting to know she passed without any stress or awareness of what was happening - at home, where we were all comfortable.
I am grateful we were able to honour her with this respectful passing.
Thank you so much for providing this service.

Kind Regards.Fiona Walsall

Lexi. Email received June 2019. Walsall.


We would like to give enormous thanks to Paul who came to our home to give our beloved dog Ruby the final hour she so richly deserved.
We found out about Quietus from a friend and are so grateful we did.
We were gently told about the three injections and guided through all stages. But more importantly, we were given as much time as we needed to say our goodbyes.

We will miss our old girl forever but am glad she was able to go in the comfort of her own home and without the trauma of going to a vet surgery. 

Thank you Paul. 

Ruby: Corinne and Derek, Nottingham : May 2019

By Email.
Paul. I cant thank you enough for making a awful situation bearable.
To be able to have Maddy at home on the sofa were she loved to be was such a blessing.
You made Maddy and us feel very calm. You thought of everything to make it as easy as it can be and for that we are so grateful. The card you sent was comforting.
Then to receive the casket with Maddy's ashes and her name on it, is stunning.
Once again thank you. Stephen and Lynne.

Maddy: May 2019 Ilkeston

Dear Dr Stevens

 I would just like to thank you once again for coming to our house last Friday and making such a difficult time as bearable as it could be.  "B" seemed very calm and relaxed as he slipped away very peacefully.

 We are so glad that we chose you to do this for us.  We are grateful for the way in which this was done (with the 3 injections), providing us with a little time with "B", knowing he was relaxed and not in any pain.  This was such a relief after watching him suffer.

 You explained what was going to happen every step of the way and we couldn’t have hoped for any more.

 We cannot thank you enough.

 Kind regards:  N

N: Chesterfield. May 2019

We would like to thank you Paul for your extreme kindness and totally professional approach when we needed help for our beloved Bridie.

You turned what was a traumatic and sad event for us into a very peaceful and dignified experience for us and Bridie.

We cannot praise you enough for the help you have given us.

 Thanks and God Bless

 R & B

R and B. Castle Donington. May 2019

Paul, I would just like to say a huge thank you for your kind and caring treatment of our beloved baby Harvey.

You made the experience of saying goodbye so much more personal.We truly believe he was calm right to the end with the love and calmness that he deserved.Our life is now empty without him in it, but we take solace knowing he drifted away calmly and not frightened, just loved x x

This would never have happened in a vets clinical room.The work you do is amazing and you are clearly passionate to the feelings of both animals and parents.I cannot thank you enough for all you did, you were amazing x x


Here’s our Harvey the way he will be remembered in our minds x x Love you boy, you will be back home soon x x Harvey

Patricia : Arnold, Nottingham May 2019

Hi Paul.

I just wanted to thank you again for making a very difficult and stressful event a lot easier.

What you do cannot be underestimated or appreciated enough!

I would also like to thank you for travelling out of your normal area and may I also say that I hope you are still doing what you do when and if my other dog needs your kindness.

Thank you again.

D and L in Leicestershire

It was just like it said on the website… Thank you for everything Paul.

J in Carlton, Nottingham

Thank you very much for the care you gave to our beloved jet. You made us feel at ease and explained jets passing clearly and in a way that we understood. Your professionalism was excellent.

R in Chesterfield

My friend had her dog put to sleep at the vets over 10 years ago and she still can’t bear to remember it. So she really wishes she could have the chance again and do it again properly – at home…

M in Long Eaton

Paul was so thoughtful and understanding and let us have the time we needed to say our goodbyes, he answered all the questions we had and talked us through the process every step of the way, Paul couldn’t have done anymore for us to make this sad time bearable and for that we are so grateful, such a warm loving man who still has the passion and love in his work. 5 star service - thank you.

R. in Chellaston, Derby, Derbyshire

Snoopy was treated with the utmost compassion and dignity throughout and Paul gently counselled us as a family through the entire procedure.

Thank you Paul, from the bottom of our hearts, for making such a difficult time so much better than we could ever have hoped.

J. in the Derbyshire Peak District

My old cat of 22 years was at the end of her life and was ready to be put to sleep when I discovered ‘Quietus’- thank goodness i did. The whole procedure was unhurried and peaceful, I am so grateful to Paul for his kindness and compassion. My old girl was sent off without any trauma or fright (she didn’t like going to the vets at the best of times) the home visit was all I could have hoped for, she slipped away pain free and peacefully, I cannot recommend this service enough, a small price to pay for a dear companion. Thank you Paul.

S in Nottingham

I just want to say thank you it meant so much, thanks for all you did that day, you made it perfect. The whole family appreciated how you dealt with it, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody going through the same situation

C in Gedling, Nottingham

Every time we think of Freddie, we think of you.x. So you will always be in our thoughts. May you keep doing this wonderful work for all out beloved pets & help to mend our broken hearts… We were lost then we found you.


We can’t thank you enough. Alfie is resting under the angel now… having had the best send off.

Basford, Nottingham

Once our decision was made… Paul came out the very next day. He was very compassionate, caring and patient. He talked us through the whole process and gave us all the time we needed. …It was a comfort knowing that her life ended calmly, at home in her own bed. Many thanks to Paul for all his care and help

E in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Thank you for making a sad day easier to bare…

F in Rotherham

Thank you Paul for coming out at a distance and helping our dear Taffie’s passing peacefully. It was a truly sad day and you helped ease the pain with your kindness, professionalism and respect.

Thank you and a Happy New Year to you.

Amy – West Didsbury, Manchester

Hello Paul, I have just received your card. I’m really touched by your kind words and thoughts, thank-you so much. Ovid will always be part of us. We can never forget him. He was our special boy. You helped us when no one willing to help. I will always be grateful to you for all your help. God bless you!

Northenden, Manchester.

Dear Paul,

Home pet euthanasia was the best option both for my dog and for myself. His death was peaceful and very importantly occurred in familiar surroundings with familiar sounds and smells around him. His passing was calm and without the physical discomfort and mental distress of that final trip to the vets. It made a horrible decision and sad event much more bearable. Sadly, many pet owners remain unaware that such a service exists. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Asha, Derby

Hello Paul

I am not good with IT and when I tried to leave a review soon lost my way – so hope you can put this on your system for me.

Another dog owner told me about Paul’s service and when it came to my turn to put my dog Woody to sleep I made the difficult telephone call and will be forever glad that I did. Paul was kind and considerate throughout the process which he made gentle and peaceful making the whole experience bearable. I can only say thank you Paul and hope this review helps someone else who may be reaching the moment of decision to get in touch with you.

Sue, Nottingham

Dear Paul

We are just writing to say Thank you for all your care for our beloved Henry. Although we hadn’t had the pleasure of being there for him from birth, he meant the world to us. He was such a friendly loving cat and we will miss him dearly.

It wasn’t an easy decision for us but we know it was the right one. You made a horrible time much more bearable and will never forget your kindness.

Thank you so much for the card, which we just received today. If only there were more people like you out there.

Thanks again.

Ron and Gill, Grimsby

I wanted to write this review but I couldn’t do it until now. I had to have my lovely Bobby put to sleep at the beginning of April. It was terrible – hes been ill with cancer for so long, but he was getting wobbly and he couldn’t walk. We had to carry him in his bed out to the garden.We found this vet on Google. We didn’t want to drag Bobs into the car and then to our usual vets. He doesn’t like noise and we wanted it done at home.

The vet came when he said he would – he was called Paul I think. He just had a small bag of things, and we all sat on the settee around bobby and when bobby finally went it was so smooth. He didn’t notice anything.

We got his ashes back two weeks ago – Paul bought them in a nice china urn. We are going to scatter Bobbys ashes this weekend on our favourite walk.

Definitely recommend Quietus. A special thing. I can’t imagine having him put down the normal way.


Hello Paul, I have just received your card. I’m really touched by your kind words and thoughts, thank-you so much. Ennius will always be part of us. We can never forget him. He was our special boy. You helped us when no one willing to help. I will always be grateful to you for all your help. God bless you!

Mehwish, Umar, Stockport

Dear Paul,

Well where to start?

We had a very poorly Golden Retriever called Molly who had been the family pet for 14 years.

Her back legs had stopped working and she had been struggling for some months to get in and out of the house to visit the garden.

We all knew what was best for her but didn’t know how we were best to go about it, knowing how difficult and stressful it would be to get her out of the house to see the local vet.

A quick search on the net and I was lucky to find you and your business and very surprised that such a service existed.

After a brief discussion you agreed to come to the house on the same day and help us to help Molly.

From start to finish you made what was a very emotional time very easy to come to terms with.

Your professionalism and caring approach gave Molly the dignity that she deserved as she passed away peaceful and painlessly.

I can’t stress enough to other pet owners who find themselves in the same predicament as us to trust you to take care of them and their animals.

I hope these brief words are enough to say how forever grateful we all are.

Thank you and best wishes. Regards


Hi. Paul. thanku ever so much4taking care of Twinky&me.on his memorial casket,I’d like TWINKY ‘OUR LITTLE STAR’. I really appreciated wot u did-so did makes an enormous difference&special@home.thanku.Tracy.xx


Hi its Cain from 6 , I just received your card. I just want to say thank you it meant so much, thanks for all you did that day, you made it perfect. The whole family appreciated how you dealt with it, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody going through the same situation


Paul made the whole process so painless and Lola drifted to sleep peacefully on her favourite spot in the lounge, bathed in sunlight on a glorious spring day.


Hi Paul, thanks for the lovely card and kind message. Jo and I appreciate everything you did for us and pebbles. We all have been so upset this last week. It was a nice way to see her out of this world.

Thanks Paul, best wishes

Steve and Joanne

My old cat of 22 years was at the end of her life and was ready to be put to sleep when I discovered ‘Quietus’- thank goodness i did. The whole procedure was unhurried and peaceful, I am so grateful to Paul for his kindness and compassion. My old girl was sent off without any trauma or fright (she didn’t like going to the vets at the best of times) the home visit was all I could have hoped for, she slipped away pain free and peacefully, I cannot recommend this service enough, a small price to pay for a dear companion.

Thank you Paul.


Hi Paul thanks for the card it means a lot chap, here’s a review for you feel free to use as you wish and amend if you need to.

We chose to use Paul to have our beloved dog (vizsla) put to sleep just over a week ago. I can not praise his service enough, from the first phone call to the visit.After having our previous dog put to sleep at the vests and coming away feeling upset about the whole way it was done the thought of going through it again was horrible but using quietus vet was the best thing I could have done, of course it was emotional but it was a easier than I could of imagined, it felt right

Like she came to rest naturally but most of all I look back feeling I did the right thing, there was no rush and Paul was great with me and my dog he clearly has a passion for animals and likes to give them the respect and send off they deserve. Thanks


Possibly the most bizarre review I’ve ever written but I’m doing so whilst everything is fresh in my mind. I found out about Paul whilst searching online and am so thankful I did. Sadly I’ve had several pets pts in the past. It’s never pleasant. Today however, it was very different. Paul is the most patient, respectful and humane vet I’ve ever met. The process is such that you are given time, lots of it, to ensure you get to spend precious time with your pet before they finally slip away. Everything is explained and nothing is rushed. I would recommend Paul without hesitation and in the future Quietus will be the only way for my pets if/when that awful time comes.

Thank you Paul, from us all, for your compassion in making sure Koda’s final hour was a peaceful one for him and for giving us all the time we needed to say goodbye.


I cannot recommend Paul highly enough and would not hesitate to use his services again. We were heartbroken when we discovered our beloved cocker spaniel, Snoopy, was terminally ill and I was dreading the day we would have to have him put to sleep.

I am so glad I came across Paul’s service. He made the whole experience incredibly peaceful and serene which was really comforting for us all and particularly my youngest son who wanted to be present in Snoopy’s final moments.

Snoopy was treated with the utmost compassion and dignity throughout and Paul gently counselled us as a family through the entire procedure.

Thank you Paul, from the bottom of our hearts, for making such a difficult time so much better than we could ever have hoped.


Hello Paul, You came a few months ago to put Keeta to sleep in Belper for us after we found out she had cancer, and I have only just got to a place where I felt I could get in touch. I wanted to say thank you so much and that your professional approach made such a difference to us. We loved how we could express our grief even though you were in our house. It was so painful for us, but you kept at a distance, kept letting us know what was coming next and giving us all the time we needed to let go of our lovely girl. I’m so glad we found you, it was so peaceful and right for us as a family, and we are all truly grateful for giving our beloved girl the ending we felt she needed with us. It helped us to let go a little bit slower and was very respectful. Please feel free to use this for your website.

C, D and Z, Carlton, Nottingham

Hello Paul thank you for the card and kind words. It wasn’t easy to have casper put to sleep but you made me and casper more relaxed being at home and i thank you for someone like you who took so much time to do it the best way possible thank you Paul so very much. Am missing so much. Thank you again.

Julie, Chesterfield

I wanted to say a massive thank you for calling you out at such short notice yesterday to help my Husky Mishka with end of life at home you were so professional and everything was so calm Mishka didnt feel or a suffer at all as her mum i feel she is at peace now the work you do and how its done is far better than visiting any surgery no stress no pain just a sereal calmness thank you so much and I would deffinately call you again should I need you in the future thank you for ending Mishka time in this world best wishes

Sue Matlock

I honestly and truthfully cannot recommend Paul enough, Bronson was our 16yr old Staffie, the two things he hated was going in the bath and going to the vets. I rang Paul in the morning of 18th Jan and explained through sobs that Bronson was really poorly and could no longer walk, Paul was so understanding and was with us a few ours later that same day. Bronson’s end was dignified and beautiful, in his own home on his own bed with all of us cuddling him and talking to him. Paul explained everything step by step he was so respectful to both Bronson and the family. I’d like to take this opportunity with it only been a week ago to say a huge Thank you to Paul you made such a sad day so beautiful and peaceful. Thank you.

J, Sheffield

Dear Paul,You visited us on the 2nd May and put our old dog, Beau, to sleep. I would like to Thankyou very much for your patience, kindness and, above all, helping us to say goodbye to our treasured dog in his own home with no stress for him. Thank goodness l spotted you on the internet. You made a very painful time less so.

Kind regards

Jenny, Sheffield

Good morning Paul

Just wanted to thank you  for your visit yesterday.The service you provided made things a lot easier on ourselves and I’m sure on Misty too.

Take care

And thank you again.

Toni, Rotherham

I wanted to say a huge Thank you. Tiger was my beloved cat who I had spent most of my adult life with. He shared my darkest days and i had many and he helped me get through them. Making that decision to end his life because he was suffering was hard and at first so unsure. I had my dog Whinnie put to sleep at the vets and the journey there with a sick dog and the vets surgery my dog hated and then the actual way it was done was horrendous. I didn’t call you straight away because of my previous experience with my dog. I was hoping Tiger would die naturally but I now know how long that can be and the suffering he would endure. I wish now I had called you earlier as Tiger became very ill and my choice to put him to sleep was now absolutely the right thing to do. My fear based on my previous vet was unfounded. All Vets should do it the way you do. It was calm. It was gentle. It was at tigers pace and the pace I needed. I wasn’t rushed and neither was Tiger. When you gave that first injection to give him pain relief and calmness he started to relax and I stroked him he started purring. He was out of pain for the first time in weeks. Tiger wanted to go I saw it in his eyes 2 days before.  The series of injections allowed him to relax and then go into a deep sleep. I am writing this because I know so many others will be like me and have the fear of putting a pet to sleep the old way and I want people to know that it is so very very different this way. If I had known how gentle and relaxing it was I would have called you 2 days before. Yes it was very distressing to see Tiger suffer and having to make that decision and I miss him an awful lot even nearly calling his name this morning as usual but Tiger new it was his time and so did I and you made his passing easy for me and him. I cannot thank you enough and more vets need to do this.

You may use what I have said for a review. I wanted to also say that I think you would do well if you recruited more vets to join you and expand your service perhaps even selling franchise. It would also give the service longevity. I really don’t know what I would do if you weren’t around and I needed your services. I also think if you expand and vets you would have to vet and make them agree to work how you do. I think it would need to be sooner rather than later because if you don’t someone else will as more hear how good you are. I taught nursing students and nurses and personally I’d recruit young new vets that aren’t indoctrinated as they are more easily influenced and I think you would have great success.

If you ever write a book you want to publish let me know as I can help with that so keep my name and address just incase. Thank you too about my son. He is fine and seems ok with it all. Jess my dog is not happy but I am giving her tlc. Jess is missing tiger but it just takes time. I might get a second dog but I don’t know how long before I should.

Thank you again.


Hi Paul

I would like to say a big thank you for the calm and relaxed way that you helped me and my family say our final goodbyes to our beloved staffy Bruno. Bruno was 11 years old and had soldiered on through some tough times for a while when I finally made a decision to put Bruno to sleep I wanted it to be has comfortable and stress free as possible for him and you made this all possible by visiting him where he was most at ease. Your service is second to none you were caring and had time for Bruno before we began the procedure, you also made sure we were aware of what was going to happen and didn’t rush us in any way this was perfect for us to say our final goodbyes so thank you.


Paul I would just like to say a very big thank you for the kindness understanding patience and total professionalism you showed when you came ( on a bank holiday ) to put my best friend of 11 years Zeb to sleep. His final moments were so gentle and peaceful it made one of the worst days of my life a little bit easier. Would highly recommend you.

Thank you

Jon, Chris

Unfortunately due to old age and ill health we had to make the difficult decision to put alfie one of our cats to sleep, alfie had been a wonderfull companion and friend for 20 years and we were grateful to be able to give alfie the dignified end to his life he deserved at his own home with me and my husband and his cat family by his side, he had a great life and a peaceful last few moments, we wouldn’t hesitate to use pauls services again as he helped make a heart breaking day a lot less painful for both us and alfie and we are very grateful, hopefully not any time soon though for obvious reasons. Thank you once again.

Maxine and Andy

Bobby our beautiful Burmese cat gave us 18 years of love, kindness, empathy and happiness as he always sensed when we needed a cuddle.Saying goodbye to Bobby was a very difficult decision and hurt us terribly. As soon as Paul arrived we knew that he was a kind man who understood how we were feeling. Bobby slipped away in the sunshine in my arms sometimes snoring gently seeming totally unaware of what was happening. I am sure that this was what he would have wished for.

Paul was constantly kind, caring and empathetic just like our Bob.

Thank you Paul for above all your kindness. You are a good man.

Julie, Peter and Bobby’s brother Oggie

Paul I want to say thank you so much for the gentle kindness, compassion professionalism and respect that you showed to our much loved Staffy Tilly and to us at a very distressing time. Tilly could not have had a more gentle and caring end to her suffering. Thank you so much for what you do for much loved pets, I am so pleased that I found you for Tilly she couldn’t have had a kinder end to her life. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you Paul and make sure you take time for you, it’s an amazing job you do. Kind regards

Maxine and Joe

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your lovely card, I wasnt expecting it as it came as a time when i was having a complete meltdown over losing Marge, who im our opinion is / was the best cat in the whole world and it was a privillage  that he chose us to be his forever family. I have not cried that hard since losing my husband in 2010.  I feel so blessed that we came across you and I have no doubt we made the right decision. Yes it is painful that he is not here anymore but i know in time it will get easier.  I take comfort that he was able to pass peacefully, gently and respectfully in my arms at home thanks to you and the much needed service you provide.  It was un rushed and gentle and I cannot thank you enough.  I have already started spreading the word about you and will continue to  do so.

Thank you so much , we are  eternally grateful to have found you. I am quite happy for you to put this email on your website.

Take care  and Best wishes to you


Hi Paul just wanted to say a big thank you for support and services Saturday night when putting tye to rest at a very difficult time.

Aiden, Jo, Steve, Matt