Gently euthanize cats and dogs at home in East Midlands

Quietus Vet no longer makes visits outside our area. Sorry.

Quietus Vet is a mobile veterinary service based in the East Midlands. Paul, the Quietus vet, is uniquely focused on gently euthanize cats and dogs at home in East Midlands.

Paul is no longer able to visit outside his usual area. Sorry

Is there a fixed cost?

Sorry but Quietus Vet is no longer able unable to visit outside our area. Sorry

Caring for your pet afterwards

Quietus Vet is different when it comes to aftercare too.
We can offer a considerate aftercare service - or you can make the arrangements yourself.

There are choices of shared or individual cremation (we bring your pet's ashes home to you. You don't have to make another difficult journey to the vets) – Paul goes the extra mile to make sure he can guarantee and earn your trust.

Your choices are listed on our cremation aftercare pages.

Aftercare choices

3-Stage Technique

Paul’s 3-Stage Technique creates 3 layers of deepening sedation which means your pet’s final hours are made as peaceful and stress-free as they can be. Sedation alone is not enough to make sure there is no anxiety or pain - so we use our 3-Stages to make sure.

Putting your dog or cat to sleep is a huge event, and it is so important to do it right. It’s vital to know your pet has experienced no euthanasia stress or anxiety and this can only be true by using our extra stage.

We carry this out at your home which means there’s no journey to a clinic – no waiting rooms, no fear. Just a gentle drifting “put to sleep” at home.

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