Cost of putting dog and cat to sleep at home

Cost of the Quietus Vet visit

Quietus Vet is the home of the 3-Stage Technique. The gold-standard 3-Stage Technique means a gentle, painless and and stress-free put to sleep. No other vets do it like this.

Paul Stevens is a very experienced and fully qualified Vet Surgeon in this specialist field. He always creates a personalised process for your dog or cat and the cost is fixed if you live within our area. This means Paul’s visits will take longer (sometimes up to an hour).

So when we are asked “How much does it cost to put to sleep a dog or cat at home?” we pride ourselves on being able to offer a fixed price for our gold-standard 3-Stage Technique Quietus Vet visit.

Cost of dog and cat put to sleep at home

The cost of having your dog or cat put to sleep in 2019.

Cats and Small Dogs: For a weekday home visit appointment between 9am and 4pm:

= £230 – includes the 3 layers of sedation – always.

If your pet is medium or large, the cost is:

= £245 – includes the 3 layers of sedation – always.

Weekends and other times are more I’m afraid, please call Paul on 01773 404 063.

If you live outside our area, please call the number above or you can text Paul.

Aftercare – The cost of cremation the Quietus Vet way. Your choices.

Paul is happy if you want to make your own arrangements.

But if you would like him to help he will:

Silver cremation

This is the simplest service – Paul leaves with your pet and arranges for a shared cremation.

There are no ashes returned to you.

£45 (or £65 for very large dogs)

Gold individual cremation

A personalised service.

Paul leaves with your pet and returns to your home in 10-14 days with your pet’s ashes.


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Platinum individual cremation

The Gold Service with a wider choices of casket and urn.

Paul leaves with your pet and returns to your home in 10-14 days with your pet’s ashes.


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How to make your payment

Some people prefer to make a pre-payment over the phone before the visit. Prepaying means one less thing to worry about: You can use credit or debit card or BACS (bank transfer).

You can also pay using a debit or credit card during the visit using our mobile card machine or cash. No cheques please.

Please note for visits outside the Quietus Vet area on the map, or for visits at unusual (or emergency) times, we require advanced payment (over the phone or by BACS) before the visit. Please read our T&Cs.