The best pet crematoriums

In Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire

The reliability of pet crematoriums is important

At Quietus Vet we use a single crematorium – PCS in Guilsborough. More locally, we have a few friendly and reliable crematoria.

It is so important to trust the organisation which is going to look after your beloved pet after they have passed. You need to know that their body will be handled in the way you would handle them yourself – with care and respect. You need to know that they will do what they offer properly and honestly. One of the greatest fears for people thinking of using a pet crematorium is...

“How can I be sure the ashes I get back are my pet’s?”

Every 10 years or so, stories appear in the papers detailing some person or other who has been abusing people’s trust and has been disposing of bodies incorrectly. This is very important to my clients and forms the basis of quite a deep ingrained distrust of crematoriums. In truth, these illegal disposals only ever occur with very small and usually un-licensed outfits. These are places that operate underneath the local-council radar.

When I am asked if I can guarantee that the right ashes are returned, I can say yes. I can say this because I've known PCS for 25 years. I have seen the systems they use – the paper trail they use to ensure it’s the right ashes returned to their owner. I’m good at seeing when people have something to hide, and as far as I am concerned, PCS do a brilliant job for my clients.

PCS now also have a memorial garden where some shared (communal) ashes are scattered.

If you want to take your pet to the crematorium – rather than have Quietus Vet do it – then you should consider a private crematorium:

Forget Me Nott ‚Äč(West) Nottingham

My view: Tonia and Tracy are very professional and kind. Their premises are smart and welcoming. They are very compassionate and seem to want the absolute best for their clients and their pets.

They have not been going very long, but they certainly know how to do it right. ‚ÄčTheir office is slightly difficult to find, so make sure they give you good directions.

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PCS Guilsborough

My view: I use PCS for my client’s cremations. I have never had a problem that wasn’t sorted immediately (e.g. a scratch on a casket / mis-spelled name / etc). I was very pleased to see that they welcome visits from clients and their pets. They have a lovely garden where some of the ashes from each of their “shared cremations” are scattered.

One of 3 major crematoriums that cover the whole of the country. Their service is used by many vet practices.

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Old Flatts Farm Pet Crematorium

My view: Chris started Old Flatts Farm pet crematorium about the same time I started Quietus Vet and we have been in contact ever since.

It is in Treeton - between Sheffield and Rotherham - just off the M1.

Chris is totally engaged with offering a dignified and genuine service and he continues to do so.

This is his family farm - it's a lovely spot to visit.

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At Rest - Sutton-in-Ashfield

My view: I have spoken to Lorraine and Martin at "At Rest" a few times - but as yet I unfortunately haven't been able to visit.
Covid keeps getting in the way.

But everything I have heard from people who have used them is extremely positive. They seem to care. Which for me is the most important thing.
I look forward to visiting soon   

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