Dog and Cat Euthanasia at home - Compassionate and Thoughtful in Derbyshire

We use the " 3-Stage Way " to be sure your Dog and Cat feel nothing at the end.

A Unique and Special Euthanasia Service for your Dog and Cat using the "3 Stage Way"

We were one of the first dedicated home euthanasia services in the UK and we developed our gold-standard 3-Stage Technique to make sure there is no pain or anxiety at the end.
Anything less than 3 stages is not good enough. 

We can visit in and around most of Derbyshire including Derby, Belper, Ripley, Chesterfield and Dronfield. 

We understand how hard it is to say goodbye.

See our prices here. Call us on 01773 404 063 .

Call Paul Stevens, the Quietus Vet on 01773 404 063 or send a Text.

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to your pet cat or dog.
We are based in Derbyshire and we provide a premium service for those people in Derbyshire who

  • Want to be at home – where there is no fear or anxiety.
  • Who want to be listened to
  • Want to know it is as good as possible

See in detail why our 3-Stage Technique can help you and your pet. Please also take a look at our reviews

Caring for your pet afterwards

We can offer a considerate aftercare service - or you can make the arrangements yourself.

There are choices of shared or individual cremation - we bring your pet's ashes home to you.

Your choices are listed on our cremation aftercare pages.

Aftercare choices

Different from other vets in Derbyshire

No other vet in our area offers this premium level of service.

We have developed the gold-standard service for the most gentle euthanasia for your Dog and Cat at home in Derbyshire

  • We give you all the time you need to say your goodbyes.
  • Our 3-Stage Technique cannot be rushed.

Quietus Vet now also accept referrals from normal vets who want to offer our premium service to their own clients.

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Where and when in Derbyshire can we visit?

We provide a mobile veterinary service. Our fixed price area is within most of Derbyshire including Derby, Ilkeston, Belper and Long Eaton in the south. In north Derbyshire, we can visit Alfreton and Ripley all the way up to Chesterfield and Eckington.

Areas we cover

How to arrange a home visit in Derbyshire


  •  Call 01773 404 063. This is the best way to contact us. Our Telephone opening times are: 5 Days a week – Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 6.00pm.
  • Or send a text - details at the bottom of this page.

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