How much does it cost to put my dog or cat to sleep in 2023?

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Quietus Vet service is not like any other vet.

When you look at the cost below, please remember:

  • We only visit homes. We come to you, you don’t come to us.
  • We specialize in making dog and cat put to sleep as good as possible. No nurses, no uniforms, no restraint.
  • During our visit, we only ever use the 3-Stage Technique which is a special process. This means we spend much longer with you and your beloved pet than normal vets will.

This a brief FAQ Answer: You will find more detail on our Services / Prices page.

We have made pricing easier for our clients by using a fixed-price system. This applies if you live within our area in DerbyshireNottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. If you live within our area (which you can see on the map of our area), then our Quietus euthanasia mobile visit to your home on a weekday is just

£335  – which includes our visit to your home : Cats and Dogs


The price you see on our Services page will not change during the visit. There will be no surprises.

The same goes for aftercare costs. They won’t change. AND aftercare prices include us bringing your pet’s ashes back to your home.

Paul will give you an accurate estimate when you make the appointment.

Also look at your aftercare choices.

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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