Putting cat to sleep at home

Caring cat euthanasia

Having the comfort of knowing that your cat was comfortable in their own home, surrounded by the people they love can help alleviate the worry and sadness experienced at the end of your cat’s life.  Putting your cat to sleep at home is the only option for many cat owners.

Specialising in caring pet euthanasia, we can provide the very best and most comfortable final moments when it comes to putting your cat to sleep.
We make sure you and your family have the time and privacy to say your final goodbyes.

The process of putting your cat to sleep

Quietus 3 Stage Technique for home pet euthanasia

QuietusVet specialises in pet euthanasia because it is so important to make sure the end as perfect as possible. This is vital not only for our loved pets but also for you, their loving owners.

We deliver the gold standard, 3 stage technique which is absolutely the best method for making sure your pet feels no anxiety or fear.

We use an extra stage - unlike most vets. The 3 stage technique ensures your cat is calm and anxiety free. We make sure that for the final injection, your cat is totally asleep. This can not be guaranteed by just using sedation alone.

The first stage

A tiny injection is made under the skin which contains a mix of pain-relief and sedatives. We will assess your cat’s needs and create the perfect mix and dose.

During the 5-10 minutes it takes for your cat to drift off to sleep you can begin to say your goodbyes.

The second stage

Another small injection. This injection induces a deep anaesthesia so there can be zero knowledge of the last injection. This stage is what makes Quietus Vet unique.

The third stage

When you are ready, the final injection is made. Your cat  is totally asleep prior to this injection and has no knowledge or feeling of anything that is done.