Caring Dog and Cat Euthanasia at home

Gently put to sleep Dogs and Cats in their own home

Put to sleep dogs and cats in their own home

Put to sleep dogs and cats in their own home

Quietus Vet is caring, gentle and professional – a home “put to sleep” (euthanasia) service for dogs and cats. (Also known as “put down” for cats and dogs.)
There are many approaches to dog and cat euthanasia. Quietus Vet always use the gold-standard 3 Stage Technique.

"We felt we were in safe hands as soon as Paul walked through the door..." Mary : 2020

When you have made that difficult decision to “put to sleep” your dog or cat, we will visit your home and guide your pet through a caring and dignified ‘end of life’.

"I thought you'd be in and gone in 10 minutes. This is so much better..."

We can carry out dog and cat euthanasia home visits across a large area of NottinghamshireDerbyshire and South Yorkshire including Derby, Nottingham, and Sheffield Rotherham.

July 2022  COVID-19. Please note that we have decided to not totally relax our COVID procedures. This includes the need for everyone present to wear masks at the beginning our visit and then we can relax that requirement during the visit when we are sure everyone can be safe. Click here for Paul's COVID-19 (Corona Virus) Policy

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3-Stage Technique

Paul’s 3-Stage Technique creates 3 layers of deepening sedation which means your pet’s final hours are made as peaceful and stress-free as they can be. Your Dog or Cat “Put to sleep” is a huge event, and it is so important to do it right. It’s vital to know your pet has experienced no euthanasia stress or anxiety.

Paul carries this out at your home which means there’s no journey to a clinic – no waiting rooms, no fear. Just a gentle drifting “put to sleep” at home.

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Dr Paul Stevens MRCVS

Quietus Vet is Paul Stevens.

Paul has over 30 years experience as a fully qualified clinical veterinary surgeon. He now focuses all his work on providing a more caring dog and cat put to sleep (euthanasia) service in the Nottinghamshire Derbyshire and South Yorkshire area.

What makes Paul’s approach gentle and respectful is that he creates layers of sedation and pain-relief using his 3-Stage Technique . It is designed specially for that time when you decide your dog or cat’s quality of life is no longer good enough.

It’s hard enough already. Paul makes it easier.

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