“Put to Sleep” for Dogs and Cats in their Home

Quietus Vet is a caring and gentle home “put to sleep” (euthanasia) service for dogs and cats. Also known as “put down” for cats and dogs.
When you have made that difficult decision to “put to sleep” your dog or cat, Paul the vet, will visit your home and guide your pet through a very caring and dignified ‘end of life’.
Paul can carry out dog and cat euthanasia home visits across a large area of Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire including Derby, Nottingham, and Sheffield Rotherham.

Paul’s 3-Stage Technique creates 3 layers of deepening sedation which means your pet’s final hour are made as peaceful and stress-free as they can be. Your Dog or Cat “Put to sleep”  is a huge event, and it is so important to do it right. It’s important to know your pet has experienced no euthanasia stress or anxiety.
Paul carries this out at your home which means there’s no journey to a clinic – no waiting rooms, no fear. Just a gentle drifting “put to sleep” at home.
“Just like any another day for your dog or cat.”

Home Visit Area for "Put to Sleep"
We can visit for “Put to Sleep” outside our fixed-price area too. Tap on the map for more detail.

Quietus Vet offers gentle euthanasia (“Put to Sleep”) for dogs and cats and can visit homes in Derby, Long Eaton, Nottingham, West Bridgford, Ravenshead, Mansfield, Sutton and Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Worksop, Rotherham and Sheffield, Dronfield, Chesterfield, Alfreton and Belper.
It’s a large area for one vet but Paul promises to try and help!

You can call Paul on 01773 404 063

Or Text him on by tapping here

“Quiet~us Vet”

Quietus Vet is Paul Stevens.
Paul has over 30 years experience as a fully qualified clinical veterinary surgeon. He now focuses all his work on providing a more caring dog and cat put to sleep (euthanasia) service in the Nottinghamshire Derbyshire and South Yorkshire area.
What makes Paul’s approach gentle and respectful is that he creates layers of sedation and pain-relief using his 3-Stage Technique . It is designed specially for that time when you decide your dog or cat’s quality of life is no longer good enough.
It’s hard enough already. Paul makes it easier.

How to say our name – “Quiet ~ us ~ vet”

More Detail about Paul and what he does is here our About Section

Get in Touch when you are ready

When you are ready and have made your decision to have your dog or cat put to sleep at home, please call Paul on 01773 404 063 – this number is the main number if you live in Nottinghamshire Derbyshire or South Yorkshire. If you prefer a more local number, they are listed on our area pages.

If you would rather Text Paul then tap  HERE  —-Please do not use a Text service like BT-Text.

Call any day 8-30am to 6-00pm. 7 days a week.

You may hear an answer message if Paul is unable to answer. Please leave your name and phone number and he will get back to you very soon.

More Details on how to Contact Us


Just by visiting this page, you are making the first steps to making the right decision for your cat or dog. Having to make the put to sleep decision is such a big responsibility you have to get it as right as you can.
Hopefully your dog or cat may not need help yet – you may just be starting to think and consider your options. Perhaps you need some help with ‘clearing your mind’.

  1. Is this the right time? Is it too soon or too late.
  2. Should you get the vet to do more tests? Or is that just a form of delaying making a decision?
  3. What is quality of life?

Dog and cat euthanasia is ALL ABOUT quality of life. It is the one thing that informs all our put to sleep decisions.
When your dog or cat has become very old, and things just aren’t working any more, then quality of life has gone.
Or maybe your pet is in pain or discomfort because of illness – the quality of life is gone.
Or, because our cats and dogs are part of our families, then when the relationship is no longer working – Quality of Life is gone.

We are here to help you with your questions about your dog or cat put to sleep.

Look at our FAQs and Quality of Life Checkers here.


It is such a difficult time.
Call Paul on 01773 404 063


Find out about our Charges

We offer a very specialized home visit service for Dog and Cat Euthanasia (Put to Sleep) at home.
We have made our prices and our services as simple as possible to understand.
All our prices include 3 layers of sedation – always. No extra to pay.

Quietus Vet can visit homes in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. If you live within our area marked on this map, then we can visit for a fixed price.
We also offer Aftercare (cremation) services.

More Detail on our charges are here