Gentle euthanasia for your Dog and Cat in Derby

Including Allestree, Borrowash, Oakwood, Belper, and Long Eaton

We are a Home Euthanasia Service for your Dog and Cat in and around Derby.

This service is for dog and cat put to sleep in Derby, Allestree, Oakwood, Belper, and Long Eaton.

Please take a look at the costs for pet euthanasia.

Caring for your pet afterwards

We can offer a considerate aftercare service - or you can make the arrangements yourself.

There are choices of shared or individual cremation - we bring your pet's ashes home to you.

Your choices are listed on our cremation aftercare pages.

Aftercare choices

3-Stage Technique for Euthanasia

The QuietusVet 3-Stage Technique is our unique 3 layers of deepening sleep - your pet’s final hours are made as peaceful and stress-free as they can be. We think that Sedation alone is not enough.

Putting your dog or cat to sleep is a huge event, and it's important to do it right.

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