Euthanize Dogs and Cats in Barnsley, Doncaster, Retford, Grantham, Loughborough, Burton, Swadlingcote, Ashbourne and Bakewell

Caring and Respectful Home Euthanasia for Dogs and Cats outside our fixed-price area – covering the Midlands and West Yorkshire and Manchester.

Quietus Vet is a mobile home visiting service focused entirely on providing a gentle cat and dog euthanasia. We have a normal area where we can provide home visits. We can also visit outside our area – we have provided our caring home put to sleep in Barnsley, Wath, Newark, Grantham, Oughtibridge, Bakewell, Stockport, Manchester, Ashbourne, Burton, Swadlingcote, Leicester, Loughborough.

Paul Stevens, the Quietus Vet, always uses his 3-Stage Technique.
This difficult time is made as respectful and easy as possible for everyone.

Quietus Vet is a mobile veterinary service covering all of the Midlands. We have a normal service area marked on this map.

Home Visit Area

If you live outside our area, Paul will always try to help if he can

Paul can visit ‘same day‘ but please call early (telephone times are 8.30am – 6pm)

Call Paul on 01773 404 063

To Text Paul – TAP HERE – or look at our contact page

Paul is focused on providing caring dog and cat put to sleep. Quietus Vet does not perform other types of vet work. Paul’s work is focused totally on guiding you through your loved dog or cat’s euthanasia

“Please keep doing what you are doing. Don’t ever retire!”
Adam’s mum 2018.

Paul always uses his 3-Stage Technique.  You take all the time you need.
The 3-Stage Technique removes pain and anxiety and gives you the opportunity to hold your dog’s paw, or cradle their head as they gently drift away. You will have that bit more time to adjust if you need it.3 Stage Technique dog and cat put to sleep

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Quietus Vet – Caring Pet Euthanasia – Wondering how to say our name?     ” Quiet-us ~ vet”

How much does it cost?

If you do live outside our area, then costs will be higher. Please text or call Paul to obtain a quote.

Our fixed-price costs and services are listed HERE . Just tap here.

Cremation and Aftercare – Quietus Vet

If you need Quietus Vet to care for your dog or cat afterwards, then we can. Or you can make your own arrangements.
There are choices of shared (Silver) or individual cremation (Gold & Platinum). We go the extra mile to make sure we can guarantee and earn your trust.

Your choices are listed on our cremation aftercare pages.  If you live outside our area, the costs of Gold and Platinum choices will be slightly higher.

Call Paul on 01773 404 063