What are the reasons to have my dog or cat put to sleep?

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Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never a time which people look forward to, particularly if it follows a period of long illness or problems for their cat or dog.  However, there are some circumstances when euthanasia for your pet will be the kindest option. This is never a scenario that should ever be taken too lightly – if you love your cat or dog, you will always do right by them, but it is also important to understand that giving them as much comfort as possible is a priority.

When should I do it?

It is extremely difficult to know exactly when the time is right to have a dog or cat put to sleep – it will largely be a decision made by the owner as to when the best opportunity will be.  It is widely agreed and encouraged that a pet should not be forced to live in pain or under duress, particularly if they no longer enjoy the activities that they used to.  Areas to keep a close eye on include a pet’s mobility, their weight, their food and water intake, their breathing, pain levels, incontinence, responsiveness and their ability to exercise.  If you notice a considerable negative change in several of these areas, you should consider consulting with a professional for further advice – however, euthanasia should only ever be considered if it is clear that your pet no longer enjoys a quality of life that they used to, and if there is no clear avenue for respite.

Cats and dogs can generally live for around ten to fifteen years and sometimes happily for much longer. Each animal’s health is of course unique – but getting older can provide considerable strain on their health, as it can with humans.  A healthy pet will never be put down unless they pose a particular threat or risk to themselves or to others – meaning that the euthanasia process will never be hurried along or carried out without your consent.

How we can make the process easier for you…

At Quietus Vet, it is our intention that this process stays this way.  The euthanasia of a pet should never be rushed into or considered improperly – there are a wide range of factors and reasons as to why putting a cat or dog to sleep will be considered the kindest option – particularly as some pets may continue to live through excruciating pain without complaint.  Ultimately, it is the decision of the owner as to when euthanasia should occur.  We understand that this puts considerable pressure upon people and it is therefore always our aim to provide a comforting, relaxed and respectful atmosphere and process for pet owners from the very start of discussions through to the act of saying goodbye.

From home visits to further support and advice, Quietus Vet is here to support cat and dog lovers of all ages.  If you need help, guidance or would like to arrange a consultation, please Contact us on 07761 419 501 and we will discuss any concerns you may have at your convenience.

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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