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I’m beginning to realise that probably the greatest service I can offer to people is helping guide them through the whole process of having their pet put to sleep.

Why I created Quietus Vet

I started Quietus Vet originally because I realised people wanted to have the choice of where they have their dog or cat’s euthanasia carried out. I had realised people were wanting to make their own decisions regarding their most treasured and precious family members.

My idea of Quietus Vet was to offer vet home visits and to always use my 3-Stage Technique. These two things create the almost perfect end to a valued life.

Rachel’s discovery

Recently, during one of my visits, Rachel – Mitz’s mum – said something really eye-opening to me. Rachel has had dogs all her life, and so has ‘lost’ a few over that time. This was the first time she had called me.

During my visit, she left the room at the second stage of the 3-Stage Technique. But then suddenly she was back 2 minutes later. She said,

“I’m normally bawling my eyes out by now. I struggled even to look at Mitz this morning [before you arrived], but this is all so calming… I feel a huge sense of relief. I love your 3-Stage system.”

Rachel had left the room because she thought she was used to not being there ‘at the end’. But having left, she realised that Quietus Vet somehow makes being there easier.

Paul’s discovery

Having thought about Rachel’s comments and observations, it has become clearer to me that not only does Quietus Vet give people a choice, but possibly more importantly, helps people through the whole process of having their dog and cat put to sleep at home.

I definitely don’t do this difficult work for the reward of people’s gratitude. But I am often overwhelmed by it anyway:- Read the reviews on our website or on Google. They are just a selection of the amazing feedback we receive.

Helping people through the euthanasia of their dogs and cats is so important to me. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard :

“This is the most difficult thing I have ever done”.

People dread the day coming – when their dog or cat has to be euthanized. They dread making the decision. They dread making the call and having to be at the vet surgery. They dread the thought of the whole process.

Thank you Rachel for making me see that Quietus Vet manages to help take people through the event – so that many who want to, can find the confidence and courage to stay with their loved pet through to the end.

Quietus Vet – helping people through the most difficult time.

My apologies if this sounds a bit preachy, but I do want the vet profession to recognise the value of the Quietus Vet service. I think it is really important that more people and their pets should benefit from our caring approach.

By showing normal vet practices what can be achieved, maybe they too can be persuaded to offer something similar themselves…

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