FAQ: Why is a Quietus Vet euthanasia visit any different?

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This used to be the first question everyone asks me. People are now beginning to see the sense of it.

As a vet, the answer to this question is obvious to me, but I realise it is not so obvious to others.

Here are the 3 reasons that make Quietus Vet unique and stand out from what you used to know:

  1. The 3-Stage Technique

    This is Paul’s gold-standard method approach. It means that your pet has no idea that this day is any different from any other. Then in your company, their pain and distress slowly float away and you have all the time you need to say goodbye. Then they become deeply asleep and unconscious. They will have no sense at all of the final injection.

    Tap to see The 3-Stage Technique and how it happens

  2. Quietus Vet will visit your home.

    With no arguments. No saying we could turn up at any time in the next few days. No making you feel uncomfortable or guilty.

  3. We offer the best aftercare and cremation services.

    We are honest and will answer any question. And we will return your pet’s ashes home personally – if you choose. Included in the price.


Through my career, I have been very aware of the shortcomings of putting someone’s pet to sleep at the vet clinic:

  • Many vets just don’t want to do home visits – especially for euthanasia.
  • In the clinic, the whole process is usually done at the vet’s convenience. It’s done quickly over a few minutes. I think it is too rushed. There’s too much noise. You have to stand in a busy waiting room. You may feel you’re not being listened too.
  • Modern vet practices have changed. It is now very difficult to get a vet to visit your home. The last thing you want at this time is to be arguing with the receptionist about a home visit.
  • Most vets use the old-fashioned 1-stage euthanasia approach: The vet may take your pet away from you to have a catheter inserted. There’s a good reason they take your pet away: it is because a conscious dog or cat will struggle and fight as the nurses hold them down. Then they give a 1-stage ‘final’ injection – your pet is conscious one moment – gone the next. You may see a look of surprise or confusion.

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