Putting your dog, cat or pet to sleep, when is the right time?

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Losing a pet is incredibly hard for any owner that shares a close bond with their cat or dog – and it is often difficult to make certain arrangements following an animal’s passing on both emotional and psychological levels. Some owners may wish for their loved ones to be buried at a specific site of their choosing, or at home – while others prefer to opt for cremation, keeping their pet’s ashes for scattering or in an ornament to look over them. However, there can be pitfalls when working with crematoriums with regard to animals, and here at Quietus Vets, it is our aim to ensure that you are always kept at the heart of any arrangements that are made regarding your pet once they have passed on.

Your pets Cremation

Arranging for your pet to be cremated can be stressful and there is no normal guarantee that the process with a crematorium will be sensitive and receptive to your needs during a particularly difficult time. While all crematoriums aim to offer respectful service to anyone that may approach them, it is not unreasonable to expect or request as much information as you need to help say goodbye to your pet. In our experience, some businesses do not offer as much respect, space or assurance that pet owners need – which can cause more stress or even anguish.

Our aim at Quietus Vet is to help make your last moments with your pet as comfortable as you both need them to be by offering home-based euthanasia – and it is also our aim to ensure that any services or bodies that you may come across in this difficult time handle any questions or concerns you may have with their processes both respectfully and with as much time as you may need.

Making sure they are your pets ashes

A big concern for pet owners who opt for cremation surrounds the identity of the ashes that are provided once the cremation has taken place – Quietus Vet ensures that you receive a guarantee that your pet’s ashes will be returned to you as expected and in the manner in which you request them.  We work closely with assured, reliable crematoriums to ensure that your pet’s cremation is everything you both need and expect it to be. Therefore, it is one less worry for you, giving you more time to grieve during this particularly sensitive time.

We understand that losing a pet can be extremely difficult and therefore aim to help make the put to sleep and any aftercare requests as painless and as respectful as possible for both you and your cat or dog.  We set up our business to ensure that pets and their owners can say goodbye peacefully and in the comfort of their own environment, and be reassured that the process will be kept as stress-free as possible.  For more information on our services, please call us on 07761 419 501 or email us via web form at your convenience.

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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