Why Should I Choose Quietus Vets Rather than my Normal Vet?

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No one likes having to take their pets to the vet, least of all the dog or cat involved – and while vet surgeries and staff are on the whole extremely talented and caring professionals, there are some circumstances when an owner may not feel too comfortable in a medical hospital environment. The same may well apply to the pet too – some pets simply do not feel safe or secure in a veterinary atmosphere, which can lead to anxiety and fear.Recognising these emotions is not always easy in our pets. We may think our dog is happy because he is fussing the people in the waiting room, and jumping up at the receptionist. Our cat may be sat quietly in their cat-carrier. These can equally be signs of comfort and also anxiety. It’s not always easy to tell. We certainly don’t want our pets to have to experience fear and anxiety – which is why we should consider the trip to the surgery seriously. ‚Äč When it comes to saying a final goodbye to a cat or dog, the stress for all involved are obviously even higher. The clinical environment found at vet surgeries may not provide for the comfortable atmosphere that both owner and pet need at such a critical time. Arguably, too, the pet euthanasia process in surgeries can feel somewhat cold and methodical, which we believe detracts from the emotional wellbeing of both the pet and their owners.Saying farewell to a beloved pet can be an extremely difficult time on an emotional level – our cats and dogs really are members of our family. At Quietus Vet we believe the process of end of life must focus upon the wellbeing and aftercare of the owner as well as ensuring their pet receives a calm and comfortable farewell in warm and familiar surroundings.

Bringing comfort to you

Quietus Vets was established to help bring comfort and guidance to owners and their pets when approaching euthanasia. We ensure that the process is discussed and approached in a respectful and calm manner and so help establish comfort and ease for everyone involved.

We ensure that owners can receive home visits so that any actions and discussions take place in familiar environments, thus lessening stress upon the owner and making sure that a pet’s final moments take place in an environment that is familiar, comfortable and unlikely to cause shock or fright.

Accommodating the needs of you and your pet

We place an emphasis on care and we endeavour to be as thoughtful and as respectful as possible for all owners and their pets. We are always happy to be flexible to accommodate any specific needs or requirements for both owner and animal.  It is our duty to make sure that you are given the best possible support during an incredibly difficult time and we will therefore strive to make you and your cat or dog as comfortable as possible during the process.

What sets Quietus Vets apart from standard veterinarian services is our recognition of the need to support the owner as well as their pet. Most vet surgeries main focus is on the technicalities of ‘end of life’. At Quietus vet, we have the time and space to support the pet’s comfort as well as support their loving owners. And we feel this starts in a familiar environment – at home – and with as much preparation as possible.  We are happy to help before, during and after euthanasia in any way we can.

For more information on our home visit service, please call us today on 0115 784 3456 or email us to make contact.

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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