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Losing a pet can be incredibly hard. It is therefore understandable that owners need as much time as they require to be able to grieve and remember their loved one.

There are many things to consider upon the passing of a family pet, and while much time spent during such an event will be focused on adjusting and grieving for such a loss, practical arrangements will need to be made to ensure that a cat or dog is given a memorial that is both appropriate and practical for their owner.The cost of handling a pet’s passing can vary depending upon the type of service or memorial that you feel is most appropriate. While some pet owners will prefer to have their loved ones laid to rest, others will be keen to opt for cremation.  Handling a pet’s passing is not an easy process – and it goes without saying that a grieving owner can well do without the additional stress of having to count the cost or effectiveness of their memorial. Pet owners choose cremation for various reasons. Many owners choose cremation so they may keep their pet’s ashes at home in a ceremonial urn or casket. Some wish to scatter the ashes along a favourite walk, or somewhere comforting and familiar in the garden.

Some owners want something simple and don’t need their pet’s ashes returned. This is known as a shared (communal) cremation. This is usually a very cost effective option, However, some owners feel uncomfortable with cremation, and  prefer to honour their pet in an entirely different way.

What decision should I make?

Burials are still a popular choice for grieving pet owners as they will allow them to be able to attend a memorial for their loved one – this can allow them to grieve at their own pace. They can visit their pet when they feel emotionally and mentally able to do so.  The choice between burial and cremation depends entirely upon the wishes of the owner – and while neither option is right nor wrong, we at Quietus Vet believe that you should never feel forced into making a decision regarding the honouring of your pet’s memory. We recommend being prepared long before your pet is put to sleep  – think about what you want and need before your pet dies. This way, when the time comes to make the other decisions and choices that present themselves at this time, it will be that little bit easier.Quietus Vet ensures that you are provided with a range of options and services that are both reliable and cost-effective. During our talk we will ensure that your wants and needs are listened to and are taken fully into account upon your pet’s passing.  As part of our service we always ensure that pet owners are given time, space and advice – meaning that while we can advise on options that are available to you and your pet, we will never be insistent.  How you honour your loved one will always be up to you and we will help you do that at a pace that you are comfortable with.

For more information on Quietus Vet’s services, please Contact us with any queries have on 07761 419 501 or email at your convenience – and let us help you honour your pet in the way and manner that they deserve.

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