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When the difficult question of putting your pet to sleep (cat or dog euthanasia) arises, it’s only natural to ask for help and advice from the other people in your life.

If you already have a relationship with a vet then they are obviously the ones to talk to first for advice on how your pet may be ‘feeling’, and for advice on what investigations and treatments are available. A vet is particularly good for giving you an idea of whether those investigations and treatments would have any significant benefit for your dog or cat. When you are thinking of euthanasia, or your vet is hinting at you thinking about it, I think it’s important for you to consider your pet’s quality of life – which after all is the greatest gift we can give our pets.

When you have made the decision for euthanasia, then it is only natural you consider using your own vet. This is how it has always been – since James Herriot’s time.

Vets are changing

But the veterinary profession has changed. There are very few vets now who stay with a practice for more than a few years. So it’s much more difficult now to find a “family vet” who is always your friend and always available. When you go to most practices now, you see a different vet every time. Or if you’re lucky and you manage to see the same one, they’re usually so busy they don’t have time for a chat. This means most pet “owners” now make the choices for their pets that the vet used to make. “Owners” no longer accept whatever their practice offers – they decide if they want their vet’s service and if not they look elsewhere. The veterinary profession is fragmenting into smaller units – each one designed to offer a smaller area of expertise.

Specialist home visits by experienced vet

Quietus Vet is new. Paul has only been offering this specialist home euthanasia service for dogs and cats for the last year.

“I’ve always used MissVet, and she’s always been great.” Which is how it should be. But a great many vets absolutely hate having to put animals they have treated to sleep. Yes they will advise it because it is in the pet’s best interests, but the act of euthanasia causes them a lot of personal upset and distress.

Which is why vets don’t mind when their clients use Quietus Vet. In fact they are mostly grateful that they don’t “have” to do it. Many vets realise that they can’t offer a totally perfect service, and so they suggest someone who can. And your normal vet (“MrVet”) doesn’t mind a bit. He’s thinking it’s easier for you and your pet, and he’s maybe looking forward to meeting you again soon with one of your other animals.

“A perfect service”

Quietus Vet – the perfect service:

At home with no anxiety or stress. Surrounded by family and friends. The 3-Stage Technique – calm, quiet and gentle.

Bess “I was called the other day to help a middle-aged collie to sleep. Bess had been diagnosed with liver cancer and her owners wanted her to be at home. They didn’t want her to die at the surgery where she’d had all her treatments and investigations. I arrived, and we chatted for a few minutes. Bess came over and sat next to me with her head on my knee. I scratched her ears whilst we talked. She was very relaxed – obviously enjoying the attention. Her owner looked at us and said Bess hadn’t looked so happy for a good while. What a lovely way to end a great life…

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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