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So… You’ve been able to make the biggest decision a pet-owner ever has to make: By which I mean the decision to perform euthanasia – to put your pet to sleep. At Quietus Vet, we know that you care deeply about your pets. We know that you will have thought about your dog’s welfare long and hard – you will have considered the pain and distress they may be experiencing. You have thought about their “quality of life” and your shared “lives together”. You’ve probably considered all the good parts of your cat’s life, and then compared them to the bad parts. You’ve thought about treatment at the vets and  would it help? You’ve asked yourselves questions like; “Who am I doing this for?” or “Am I being selfish by going on?”

What we’ve changed

Until Paul set up Quietus Vet, your only choice of where to perform the “end of life” was a normal vet practice. This is not always the easiest experience as you maybe upset. The surgery may be busy and noisy. You often have to stand in a full waiting room to sign forms and pay.If you are already at the surgery when your vet gives you the bad news, the vet will usually try to get you to do the euthanasia there and then.

Now you can choose to have it done at home with Quietus Vet.

If you are at home when you make the decision, before Quietus Vet, your only choice was to call the normal vet for an appointment and you’d have to take your pet in for the final consultation. Or you may try to get one of their vets to come out and do it at home. This is obviously the best way. You want your pet’s final moments to be spent exactly where they’ve spent all their life until now. Unfortunately, these days it can be very difficult to get a vet to visit. Often they will be unable to commit to a time or even day. Many clients tell us they have been left ‘hanging’ by the phone, or waiting by the door. Also, you probably won’t know who is coming…

We have even heard this recently (September): You’ve had to call 5 local vets to see if any will come out to your home. All just refused and told you to call elsewhere. (Yes, truly. We have heard this…) .

Our Solution to this

We at Quietus Vet realise that vets do a great job at being vets – vets who treat, medicate and do surgery. They are often very caring and want what’s best for your pets. But we realise they are unable to make your pet’s final moments of life good enough. They are busy people – they just don’t have the time. Quietus Vet was set up to help you both. You have made this decision because of your pet’s quality of life. We want to offer you a quality end-of-life. We can help with a much better way for dog and cat put to sleep:

  • In your home where you and your pet are relaxed and not anxious
  • At a time that suits you. It’s hard enough without having to wait ages once you’ve made the decision
  • Quietus Vet uses a bespoke 2/3 stage euthanasia shaped for your pet’s needs. This is a very gentle and gradual process. There’s no rush. We are respectful of your wishes
  • We can help you with your pet’s “Aftercare”. Considerate and dignified.

Do it right

You only get one chance to do this right. Quietus Vet may be the better way to help put your dog or cat to sleep.If you’re thinking about putting your beloved pet to sleep, then do it right and contact Quietus Vets today on 077761 419 501 and we’ll try our best to make this experience as easy as possible for both you and your pet.

Home Pet Euthanasia Guides

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