Dog and Cat Put to Sleep by Quietus Vet in South Yorkshire

Gently euthanase cats and dogs at home in Sheffield and South Yorkshire

Paul will guide you with a gentle euthanase cats and dogs at home in Sheffield, Rotherham and the rest of South Yorkshire. This is a premium specialist vet euthanasia service; Quietus Vet concentrates on nothing else but euthanase cats and dogs at home in Sheffield and the surrounding areas.

Paul Stevens Vet Home Euthanasia

If you are searching for vets who do home visits and you are looking for someone specialist enough to carefully guide you through your dog or cat put to sleep, then you have found us.

“I want to help make the final moments of a pet’s life as good as possible.  Our dogs and cats should experience no fear or anxiety in their last hours.
For them it should be just another day.”

Paul Stevens – Quietus Vet

Once you have made the decision, or if you are close to making it, then call Paul on 0114 433 3063.
Or TEXT Paul here

Wondering how to say our name?    “Quiet ~ us ~ vet”


Quietus Vet is not like any other mobile vet in the Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire area:

We are not like any other vet in South Yorkshire. We are a mobile veterinary service, and we concentrate on perfecting your dog and cat’s pet’s end-of-life experience.

Quietus Vet offers a new and more gentle alternative to normal euthanasia:-

  • In home euthanasia for dogs and cats.
    So there’s no need to visit the vets where both you and your pet may feel scared and worried. There’s no audience. No noise.
  • Quietus Vet has turned dog and cat euthanasia around. So when Paul visits your pet, the end is calm, slow and gentle.
    Saying your goodbyes becomes easier.

Paul Stevens, the vet, has been a qualified vet for over 30 years. He wants to make it better for both of you.

  • We always visit your home. It’s where you and your pet want to be.
  • We make sure there is no fear and no anxiety.
  • You remain in control, and Paul will listen to your wishes and guide you through. We give you all the time you need.
  • Paul has developed the 3-Stage Technique which means he can offer our pets in Sheffield and Rotherham the most gentle humane euthanasia possible. There’s no rush.

Painless euthanasia without the stress and fear“I thought you’d be in and out in 10 minutes! This way is so much better”


Where does Quietus Vet visit?

South Yorkshire area map for home vet visits

If you live outside our area, then contact us and we’ll tell you if we can help.

Our map shows the area of South Yorkshire where we are able offer our fixed-price visits. Please tap or click on the map to see a more detailed version.
We can visit Sheffield, Rotherham, Beighton, and Dinnington area.

If you live outside our fixed-price area, please do call us or look at our contact page for other ways to talk to us.

Look at our Home Page for more information on Quietus Vet – in home pet euthanasia.


What are people in South Yorkshire saying about Quietus Vet ?

Our service is unique. You will not find it anywhere else.

“Thank you for making a sad day easier to bare…”
F in Rotherham

“Once our decision was made…
Paul came out the very next day. He was very compassionate, caring and patient. He talked us through the whole process and gave us all the time we needed.
…It was a comfort knowing that her life ended calmly, at home in her own bed. Many thanks to Paul for all his care and help…”

E in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Please read our other Quietus Vet Reviews to see what our clients and their loved pets have experienced. We also have independent reviews from our clients on Google (search for Quietus Vet).

How to arrange a Quietus Vet visit in Sheffield and Rotherham and South Yorkshire.

Call Paul directly on 0114 433 3063 and tell him about your pet.
Paul will guide you through the phone call – it only takes a few minutes – it won’t be as hard as you think…
Our Telephone opening times are :    7 Days a week – Monday to Sunday : 8.30 am to 7.00 pm

If you’d like to see other ways to contact us, then please go to our contact page.

All our services and prices are on our services page here.

Pet Cremation in South Yorkshire by Quietus Vet

Paul can often visit the same day if you call early enough in the day.
Or if you would rather plan for a day in the future, we can arrange that too.


Quietus Vet – gently euthanase cats and dogs at home in Sheffield and South Yorkshire – making it better by being at home and by removing fear and anxiety.


Quietus Vet – Caring Pet Euthanasia.

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Please note: Replies may take up to 48 hours. Call or text 07761 419 501 for immediate attention*.