Dog and Cat Put to Sleep by Quietus Vet in South Yorkshire

Gentle euthanasia and put-to-sleep for dogs and cats at their home.
In Sheffield, Rotherham and  South Yorkshire

Paul will guide you through a gentle and caring euthanasia for your cat or dog at home in Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire.
Quietus Vet is a premium specialist vet put-to-sleep service:
Paul concentrates on nothing else but End of Life for cats and dogs at home.

“I want to help make the final moments of a pet’s life as good as possible. 
For them it should be just another day.

Once you have made the decision, or if you are close to making it, then call Paul on 0114 433 3063.
Or TEXT Paul here

Wondering how to say our name?    “Quiet ~ us ~ vet”

Quietus Vet is not like other mobile vets in the Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire area:

Quietus Vet is not like any other vet in South Yorkshire. Paul offers a specialist mobile veterinary service, and he concentrates on perfecting your dog and cat’s end-of-life experience.

The 3-Stage Technique means your pet can stay at home when the time has come for for their ‘put to sleep’. 3 Stage technique dog and cat put to sleep

  • You can leave the TV on;
  • Or you can cuddle them as they drift off;
  • Or they can curl-up in their favourite spot.

Paul Stevens, the vet, has been a qualified vet for over 30 years. He wants to make it better for both of you.

“I thought you’d be in and out in 10 minutes! This way is so much better”

How much does it cost to have my dog put to sleep?

Costs are from £185. This is a specialist service.

Click on map for more detail

If you live in our fixed-price area, then click here for our prices.

Where does Quietus Vet visit?

Our map above shows the area of South Yorkshire where we offer our fixed-price visits.
Paul can visit Sheffield, Rotherham, Beighton, and Dinnington areas.
If you live outside our fixed-price area, please call Paul or look at the Contact page for other ways to talk to us.

Home Page for more information here: Quietus Vet – in home pet euthanasia.

What are people in South Yorkshire saying about Quietus Vet ?

Our service is unique.  You will not find it anywhere else.

More reviews here including google reviews.

“Thank you for making a sad day easier to bare…”
F in Rotherham

“Once our decision was made…
Paul came out the very next day. He was very compassionate, caring and patient. He talked us through the whole process and gave us all the time we needed.
…It was a comfort knowing that her life ended calmly, at home in her own bed. Many thanks to Paul for all his care and help…”

E in Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Quietus Vet – Caring Pet Euthanasia.

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