Caring Dog and Cat Put to Sleep in Sheffield and Rotherham

“Put to Sleep” for Dogs and Cats in Sheffield Rotherham and South Yorkshire

Quietus Vet offers a very special mobile veterinary service that is totally focused on making euthanasia as perfect as possible for dogs and cats in their homes. Paul Stevens, the Quietus Vet, makes these special home visits in South Yorkshire including Sheffield and Rotherham, Beighton and Dinnington.

Home Visit Area
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Paul’s focus is providing a unique caring and timely service that helps guide your dogs and cats through their “end of life”. Using his 3-Stage Technique, he is able to make this whole event “seem just like any other day” for your pet. There is no need for the anxiety or clinical approach you get in your vets clinic.

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Paul’s service means you are all able to remain at home, where there is no fear or worry.

How to make an appointment for Paul to visit

If you are searching for vets who do home visits and you are looking for someone experienced enough to carefully guide you through your dog or cat put to sleep, then Paul is who you need to call.

Call Paul on 0114 433 3063

Saying goodbye to your pet cat or dog is the most difficult part of living a life with a pet. We understand this so we have created our caring service for Sheffield, Rotherham and aother areas such as Dinnington, Beighton, and the rest of South Yorkshire.

Why is Quietus Vet so different?

Quietus Vet is different:

  • Paul can offer a guaranteed time when he will visit – so you can assemble everyone who needs to be there.
  • Quietus Vet is different because Paul always uses his 3-Stage Technique – this means your pet just has a simple perfectly pain-free and stress-free drift…
  • Paul is different because he will help you and your pet – if you want to hold your pet, that’s fine. If you want to keep the TV on that’s fine. Paul will try to perfect your pet’s euthanasia at home.
    There no pressure – no rush.

How much does it cost to put my dog or cat to sleep?

With Quietus Vet, you remain in control. Paul will listen to your wishes and guide you through. He will give you all the time you need.

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“I thought you’d be in and out in 10 minutes! This way is so much better”