Caring Put to Sleep for Cats and Dogs at Home in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Gentle Pet Euthanasia Home Visiting Service in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Quietus Vet Put to Sleep at home in Nottingham Mansfield Worksop. Having to have your dog or cat put to sleep is the most difficult part of living a life with a pet. But you make the decision for them as much as for yourself and Quietus Vet is here to help. We  provide a very caring and respectful service across Nottinghamshire that gives you the time to say your goodbyes in private and at home.Home Visit Area

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What does Quietus Vet do for Dogs and Cats in Nottinghamshire?

Dr Paul Stevens MRCVS is a very experienced and highly qualified clinical vet who specialises in visiting people’s homes in Nottinghamshire. He offers his caring and gentle euthanasia at home for dogs and cats by always using his 3-Stage Technique.
Paul provides the very best way to say farewell to your pets.

Paul has worked in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire for over 15 years. He has now decided to  concentrate on this specialist area of vet medicine which offers a caring and gentle home euthanasia for our dogs and cats.

3 Stage Technique dog and cat put to sleep

Paul’s 3-Stage Technique means there is no holding your pet down, no fighting or struggle. There’s no fear or anxiety. Paul doesn’t need a vet nurse.
Paul’s method means  you can say goodbye in your own time. No rush. No pressure.

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“I thought you’d be in and out in 10 minutes! This way is so much better” Janice in Arnold

How much does it cost?

  • Paul will visit when you need him. He always keeps his appointments.
  • Paul always uses his 3-Stage Technique – the gold-standard approach to dog and cat put to sleep.
  • There no rush. No clinical vet smells of fear and anxiety.

Our costs and services are listed HERE . Just tap here.

Making an appointment for Paul to visit

There are not many vets who will do home visits these days. Those that will visit simply use a 1-Stage (or if you’re very lucky, a 2-Stage) process. A nurse holds your pet and and the final injection is given. Most vets unfortunately see putting your loved pet to sleep as just another part of their busy day.
Paul can visit Nottingham and the rest of Nottinghamshire for both dogs and cats. He will always use his 3-Stage Technique so you can be sure of it being as perfect as it can.
☎  If you need to know Paul’s availability, then please call him on 0115 784 3456
Often Paul is able to visit the same day if you call early. He knows that the decision is hard to make, and once you have made it, you don’t want to have to wait around for days.
Paul offers visit appointment times when they suit you – and he always keeps them.

Here’s a review from Nottinghamshire – more on Google:

“Every time we think of Freddie, we think of you.x. So you will always be in our thoughts. May you keep doing this wonderful work for all our beloved pets and help to mend our broken hearts…
We were lost then we found you.”

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Cremation and Aftercare in Nottinghamshire

If you would like Paul to help with your pet’s aftercare, then that’s fine. Look here for what we can offer.
Or if you would like to arrange it yourselves, that’s fine too.