Put to Sleep (Euthanasia) at home for dogs and cats in Derby, Allestree, Oakwood, Belper, and Long Eaton

If your dog or cat is becoming very old or ill, and there is no hope for improvement, then we have to begin to think about euthanasia – also known as ‘put to sleep’ or ‘put down’. This has usually been carried out at a local vets – you take your cat or dog to the clinic, and they are euthanized there.
If you live in the Derby City, or the area around Derby, you can now call on Quietus Vet who will help you and your pet at home. This service is for dog and cat put to sleep in Derby, Allestree, Oakwood, Belper, and Long Eaton.
We can visit further south than Derby, but the costs change slightly. Please take a look at our costs page.

3-Stage Technique – makes it easy and painless.

Having to make the decision to have your dog or cat put to sleep is hard. But once you have decided, then think about if they would prefer to be at home – where it will be easy and stress free.
Quietus Vet can visit your home in the Derby area at a time that suits you.
Paul, the vet, will make it all as easy as possible. He uses his 3-Stage Technique – which is like a sequence of layers of sedation – so your pet simply drifts away over 10-15 minutes or so. For them, it is just like another day… And you can with them as they drift to sleep- if you choose.


Derby, Allestree, Oakwood, Belper, and Long Eaton, are all inside our fixed price area. Our prices include the visit, the put to sleep, and all the layers of sedation. There’re no extras to pay. Our simple fixed-prices are on our services page here.


If you are not quite sure, but want to make contact first, that’s fine.

Give Paul a call on 01773 404 063

Or text him by tapping here