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November 2018

Hello Paul,

Thank you for your lovely card, I wasnt expecting it as it came at a time when i was having a complete meltdown over losing Marge, who in our opinion is / was 🙁 the best cat in the whole world and it was a privillage  that he chose us to be his forever family.
I have not cried that hard since losing my husband in 2010.  I feel so blessed that we came across you and I have no doubt we made the right decision. Yes it is painful that he is not here anymore but i know in time it will get easier. 
I take comfort that he was able to pass peacefully, gently and respectfully in my arms at home thanks to you and the much needed service you provide.  It was un rushed and gentle and I cannot thank you enough.  I have already started spreading the word about you and will continue to  do so.

Thank you so much , we are eternally grateful to have found you.

Take care  and Best wishes to you

D in Chesterfield

October 2018

Hi Paul just wanted to say a big thank you for support and services Saturday night when putting Tye to rest at a very difficult time.

From A J M & S  Sheffield

September 2018

Paul, I would just like to say a very big thank you for the kindness understanding patience and total professionalism you showed when you came ( on a bank holiday ) to put my best friend of 11 years Zeb to sleep.
His final moments were so gentle and peaceful it made one of the worst days of my life a little bit easier . Would highly recommend you.

Thank you J & C. Alfreton

September 2018

Unfortunately due to old age and ill health we had to make the difficult decision to put Alfie one of our cats to sleep.
Alfie had been a wonderful companion and friend for 20 years and we were grateful to be able to give alfie the dignified end to his life he deserved at his own home with me and my husband and his cat family by his side.
He had a great life and a peaceful last few moments.
We wouldn’t hesitate to use Paul’s services again as he helped make a heart-breaking day a lot less painful for both us and Alfie and we are very grateful.
Hopefully not any time soon though for obvious reasons. Thank you once again.

Kind regards Maxine and Andy. Birmingham

August 2018

Bobby our beautiful Burmese cat gave us 18 years of love, kindness, empathy and happiness as he always sensed when we needed a cuddle.
Saying goodbye to Bobby was a very difficult decision and hurt us terribly.
As soon as Paul arrived we knew that he was a kind man who understood how we were feeling.
Bobby slipped away in the sunshine in my arms sometimes snoring gently seeming totally unaware of what was happening. I am sure that this was what he would have wished for.
Paul was constantly kind ,caring and empathetic just like our Bob.
Thank you Paul for above all your kindness.
You are a good man

Julie,Peter and Bobby’s brother Oggie. Mansfield

August 2018

Hi Paul

I would like to say a big thank you for the calm and relaxed way that you helped me and my family say our final goodbyes to our beloved staffy Bruno.
Bruno was 11 years old and had soldiered on through some tough times for a while when I finally made a decision to put Bruno to sleep I wanted it to be has comfortable and stress free as possible for him and you made this all possible by visiting him where he was most at ease.
Your service is second to none.
You were caring and had time for Bruno before we began the procedure,.
You also made sure we were aware of what was going to happen and didn’t rush us in any way. This was perfect for us to say our final goodbyes so thank you.
P in Burton on Trent

July 2018

I didn’t call you straight away because of my previous experience with my dog. I was hoping Tiger would die naturally but I now know how long that can be and the suffering he would endure. I wish now I had called you earlier as Tiger became very ill and my choice to put him to sleep was now absolutely the right thing to do. ReadMore

B in Bingham Nottinghamshire

July 2018

Thank you so much for making what was an extremely difficult decision a peaceful passing for my special little Vizsla Tilly. The procedure was unhurried and peaceful, I am so grateful to you for your kindness and compassion.

Tilly was relaxed at home and she knew I was there with her to the end which was very important to us. I’d always promised her that when she told me it was time to go, we would be together at home and we were. She was my life and was loved more than anything.  There will now always be a massive gap where she should be.

Tilly gave me some of the best days of my life and one of the worst, but you have to put your pet first. That’s what true love for your pet means.

Wait for mummy at Rainbow Bridge baby girl, I love you more than anything in the world, my little princess. You will always be in my heart, I miss you so much.

Paul, thank you for your card, it was beautiful. I would not hesitate to recommend you.  Many thanks

A R in Mansfield

June 2018

Dear Paul
We are just writing to say Thankyou for all your care for our beloved Henry. Although we hadn’t had the pleasure of being there for him from birth, he meant the world to us. He was such a friendly loving cat and we will miss him dearly.

It wasn’t an easy decision for us but we know it was the right one. You made a horrible time much more bearable and will never forget your kindness.
Thankyou so much for the card, which we just received today. If only there were more people like you out there.
Thanks again.

R & G – Scunthorpe

May 2018

Dear Paul,
You visited us on the 2nd May and put our old dog, to sleep. I would like to Thank you very much for your patience, kindness and, above all, helping us to say goodbye to our treasured dog in his own home with no stress for him.
Thank goodness l spotted you on the internet. You made a very painful time less so.
Kind regards,

J in Nottingham

Puss April 2018

I cannot begin to my express the kindness, patience and love that Paul showed to cat puss, and allowed him to go on his last journey in his own time , with total empathy towards the boy and myself ,who passed peacefully and very gently.
I could not have asked for more
Paul is a true gent

C in Nottingham

Keeta December 2017

Hello Paul, You put Keeta to sleep in Belper for us after we found out she had cancer, and I have only just got to a place where I felt I could get in touch.
I wanted to say thank you so much and that your professional approach made such a difference to us.
We loved how we could express our grief even though you were in our house. It was so painful for us, but you kept at a distance, kept letting us know what was coming next and giving us all the time we needed to let go of our lovely girl.
I’m so glad we found you, it was so peaceful and right for us as a family, and we are all truly grateful for giving our beloved girl the ending we felt she needed with us.

Thank you. CDZ in Belper. December 2017

Zac    November 2017

Zac was my best friend, he came to us as a surprise really: My son, picked him out of a fight in our garden. When I came in from work, I found Zac had already made home where he lay fast asleep on my favourite chair.
People would often joke, they’d say: that one day soon, I would find my bags packed and on the front door step.

And Zac and my son got ever closer, and closer. He was my son’s best friend as well. At a time when he really needed one. I can’t help but think “our zac” was a gift from God. He was beautiful and proud in equal measure.

But eventually came the time we had to take that decision that he was losing his quality of life…We looked on the Internet for a better way to do things and came across Paul Stevens.
…We found Paul to be a very gentle man with animal wellness at his heart. And I’m sure that Zac didn’t suffer at all. The three stage technique was I believe, the kindest best way for Zac to be put to sleep with the dignity in which he lived his life.
And I can’t say enough about how well Paul Stevens helped Zac as well as us, to cope and to heal from what is still one of the saddest things as people we have to go through.

We will always be glad, that we found this service in time to make Zac’s passing so much easier. Many thanks to Paul Stevens.

M and P in Derby : November 2017

Bess October 2017

Paul, I don’t know where to start to thank you for your caring kindness during the loss of Bess.
This wonderful girl had been a constant joy in my life since we met when she was a plump, shiny black-coated 8 week old. As she grew, she could retrieve ‘for England’, as they say and a triple retrieve was peanuts to her. As recently as 18 months ago, she was still doing 5 mile walks with us . .but the years take their toll and age and infirmity came on all too rapidly. Try as we might, we couldn’t hold off the inevitable and the dreaded decision had to be made to release her from her pain…

…Thank God for you. Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You are a true blessing !

Read More

P in Alfreton October 2017

PoppySeptember 2017

From the moment Paul walked through the door we all knew we had made the right decision to use the quietus vet.
Paul made us feel at ease with what was one of the worst days to have to face. Although Poppy was really ill with cancer she made a real fuss of Paul, he was so gentle and caring, taking time to explain what the 3 stages meant.

After making Poppy comfortable he asked us if we was all ready for his procedure to begin not rushing us in any way. Paul is a pets Angel. Poppy in Belper 2017 - Pet Euthanasia
Commenting after Poppy had slipped into a deep sleep my daughter said why can’t humans have the same dignity as our beloved pet.
Sleep tight little one.

September 2017 T in Belper

 Fizz  August 2017

Fizz our little family dog was put to sleep on 8th August. This was both a difficult and sad time!
I am really happy with the way our beloved little dog was put to sleep, she was happy, comfortable and relaxed. She was sat on my knee until she was unaware of her surroundings.

Paul was professional and unhurried, kind and professional. He explained every part of what he was doing, which was 3 stages, even explaining how and what she would be feeling, which was complete bliss and euphoria.
She slowly drifted off into a forever sleep without any stress or anguish and it was a massive relief for her to be free from pain and for the family that she went in the most peaceful way.

Anyone who loves their animals and has to face one of the hardest decisions I would definitely recommend Paul to assist in their journey to Rainbow Bridge.  Thank you Paul!

August 2017    D in Ilkeston

Benson August 2017

A thank you card for our caring pet euthanasia

August 2017.  V, P, & J in Kirkby-in-Ashfield

Woody July 2017

“I decided to Google pet euthanasia at home”

On Saturday 15th July we made the decision that it was time to let our sweet, sweet boy go. We’d had our Woody Boy for 13 years; he was a golden labrador and my world.  He’d been struggling with his legs for a while and on repeat medication, which obviously meant repeat visits to the dreaded vets.  Once the decision was made,  it was then that I decided to Google euthanasia at home to see whether there was an alternative to a visit either to the vet or from the vet.  Thank God I did because that’s how we found Paul at Quietus Vet and I knew straightaway that this was the person we all needed.  Paul was on holiday when I emailed him on the Saturday but he gave me a call back whilst still on holiday early on the Sunday morning and we arranged for him to come on the Monday morning.

As soon as Paul arrived he put us all at ease and Woody loved him.  I think his gentle presence had a very calming effect on us all.

Paul fully informed us of the procedure and what we could expect.

We took Woody up the garden, we felt like we had all the time in the world, we never felt rushed.  The first injection was given which made Woody tired and pain free.  The second followed which sedated Woody.  All this time, Paul was just great, we laughed together with the stories of our wonderful adventures and life together and he also gave us lots of precious time on our own with Woody.  When the third injection was given Woody was asleep and completely unaware.  The sun was shining and the birds were singing it really was the perfect end for our perfect boy.

I’d imagine a lot of people who have their beloved pets put to sleep at a vets practice find the situation full of stress for both themselves and their pet, all we will remember of Woody’ s passing is how peaceful it was.

We have heard twice from Paul since Woody left us, a lovely email saying he was privileged to have been able to help us, but we are the privileged ones i think to have found Woody’s guardian angel, and a card which we have received with some forget-me-not seeds which we can plant on Woody’s grave in the garden.

We could never thank Paul enough for his care, gentleness, patience and compassion, he truly is a very special person.

July 2017      D and S in South Derbyshire      Go back to the Top

Tinkerbell – June 2017

the home visit was all I could have hoped for

My old cat of 22 years was at the end of her life and was ready to be put to sleep when I discovered ‘Quietus’- thank goodness i did. The whole procedure was unhurried and peaceful, I am so grateful to Paul for his kindness and compassion. My old girl was sent off without any trauma or fright (she didn’t like going to the vets at the best of times) the home visit was all I could have hoped for, she slipped away pain free and peacefully, I cannot recommend this service enough, a small price to pay for a dear companion. Thank you Paul.


June 2017.  S in Nottingham                 Go back to the Top


… As you know Charlie meant a lot to us and he is sadly missed, your words have helped me realise it was the right time for him.

June 2017.  M in Beighton                    Go back to the Top


…thank you for the card, it did reassure me that i had done the right thing for lily, i did have a wooble about my decision at times but i couldn’t let her live half a life. Thanks again S.x

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Paul made the whole process so painless and Lola drifted to sleep peacefully on her favourite spot in the lounge, bathed in sunlight on a glorious spring day…
…Thank you Paul, don’t stop doing what you do! Regards

April 2017.  M in Belper (From M’s Google review)             Go back to the Top

Alfie – April 2017

Paul made the whole process very easy and comfortable.  He was very understanding and made us feel at ease throughout. He was very clear about what was happening and when, and allowed everything to happen in our own time. Our little dog is now at peace and Paul made his last moments very peaceful and comfortable. Thanks very much. Can’t recommend him enough”

April 2017.  S in Derby               Go back to the Top

Jazz – March 2017

Hi Paul, thank you so much for your help to put our beautiful dog rockie to sleep today. She was such a gentle loving dog she deserved the peaceful ending you provided. Whilst a sad day it was done in a calm and loving way with her family at home…. Could not have wished for a better ending for her. You were professional yet completely understanding of our loss. Can’t recommend you highly enough. Thank you again R

March 2017  R in Sheffield           Go back to the top

Jet – March 2017

Dear Paul.
Thank you very much for the care you gave to our beloved jet. You made us feel at ease and explained jets passing clearly.and in a way that we understood.
Your professionalism was excellent.
Thank you again paul for making jets passing as peaceful as possible. Phil

And again a few days later

5 years ago my beloved collie lab JET took ill at 15 YEARS OLD.
I was dreading the euthanasia process at my local vets.I’ve never experienced this procedure we entered the vets practice JET pooed himself and was if he knew the outcome.
it’s not a memory I’m keen to remind myself of.
In 2012 my new dog JET also..was born.he was a delightfull loyal companion.I couldn’t ask for anything else. But sadly in 2017 JET suffered a chronic skin which he was loosing his hair.I could see how lethargic he was becoming.I tried everything to remedy this condition but to no avail. Last month JET had mass cell tumours to which his quality of life was that he couldn’t be bothers to get out his bed.and do normal things that dogs do.
After some deliberation in my mind I called the quietus vet.paul.
the way he treated myself and JET was amazing.he put me at ease.and also JET. He had all the time in the world for JET and I..the 3 step euthanasia is the most kindest way for JET.
he passed peacefully without any pain or discomfort.

In my opinion paul helped me so give JET a peaceful passing and with good memories for me to carry on in life.I strongly recomend paul Stevens the quietus vet if you feel your pet is struggling with life..and to receive a dignified peaceful euthanasia for your beloved pet..thanks paul.respect for life..R

March 2017      R in Chesterfield Go back to the Top


Hi its C from Arnold… I just want to say thank you it meant so much, thanks for all you did that day, you made it perfect. The whole family appreciated how you dealt with it, I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody going through the same situation

March 2017    C in Gedling, Nottingham Go back to the Top


Hi.Paul.thanku ever so much4taking care of Twinky&me….I really apprciated wot u did-so did makes an enormous difference & [email protected]

February 2017    T in Beeston, Nottingham Go back to the Top


Thank you Paul for coming out at a distance and helping our dear Taffie’s passing peacefully. It was a truly sad day and you helped ease the pain with your kindness, professionalism and respect.

Thank you and a Happy New Year to you.

December 2016    Amy – West Didsbury, Manchester    Go back to the Top

Lucky December 2016

…compassion and care …empathy and understanding towards us as a family.

I would like to thank Paul not only his professionalism, but also for the compassion and care shown to our beloved dog, ‘Lucky’ and equally, his empathy and understanding towards us as a family. The three stage process by which he operates made Lucky’s passing as bearable as it could possibly be for all of us. Indeed, we all agreed afterwards how ironically ‘beautiful’ the whole process was in releasing Lucky from discomfort, and what had become a limited quality of life in recent days.
The first stage of the process which was hardly noticed by ‘Lucky’ made him so deeply relaxed and sleepy that he was totally unaware of the following two stages. This was such a blessing, as I know from experience that this wouldn’t have been the case had I have taken him to the local vet, as ‘Lucky’ was extremely stressed by previous visits to the vet.
I know that we made the right decision in contacting Paul, and I would certainly recommend anyone finding themselves in these distressing circumstances to not hesitate to do the same.

Thank you so much

December 2016     G in Worksop Go back to the Top


We would like to thank Paul for his kindness, professionalism and patience when he came to see Kimba our Rottie who was suffering with pain due to hip problems. Paul made the process less stressful for us and Kimba. Thank you Paul for your kindness and help

​December 2016. R in Derby


…We just needed the process to take place as soon as possible.
Paul came out the very next day. He was very compassionate, caring and patient. He talked us through the whole process and gave us all the time we needed.
Xena’s end to life was pain free and peaceful. It was a comfort knowing that her life ended calmly, at home in her own bed. Many thanks to Paul for all his care and help in reducing the distress of Xena’s end to life.

November 2016. E in  Sheffield

Further email replying to my note of thanks.:

It’s all very true Paul.
Xena’s end to life could have put us off ever having another pet but because of you that isn’t the case. We’ve resisted so far but I’m getting tempted and am about to enquire about a rescue dog.

All the best Paul and have a good Christmas & new year. Go back to the Top


very surprised that such a service existed…

Dear Paul,

Well where to start?

We had a very poorly Golden Retriever called Molly who had been the family pet for 14 years.
Her back legs had stopped working and she had been struggling for some months to get in and out of the house to visit the garden.
We all knew what was best for her but didn’t know how we were best to go about it, knowing how difficult and stressful it would be to get her out of the house to see the local vet.
A quick search on the net and I was lucky to find you and your business and very surprised that such a service existed.
After a brief discussion you agreed to come to the house on the same day and help us to help Molly.
From start to finish you made what was a very emotional time very easy to come to terms with.
Your professionalism and caring approach gave Molly the dignity that she deserved as she passed away peaceful and painlessly.
I can’t stress enough to other pet owners who find themselves in the same predicament as us to trust you to take care of them and their animals.
I hope these brief words are enough to say how forever grateful we all are

November 2016   M in Leicestershire    Go back to the Top

Hello Paul, I have just received your card.
I’m really touched by your kind words and thoughts, thank-you so much. Ovid will always be part of us.
We can never forget him. He was our special boy. You helped us when no one willing to help. I will always be grateful to you for all your help. God bless you!
October 2016
, F in Northenden, Manchester.       Go back to the Top

Dear Paul,

Sadie has asked me to write to you on her behalf.

Since her husband died some years ago, Kazz had been a loyal companion to Sadie

Kazz was a gentle, friendly dog and everyone who met her, even those who were wary of German Shepherds, took to her immediately.

So, having Kazz put to sleep when she became ill was not an easy decision for Sadie. The thought of taking Kazz to a vet to be put down filled her with dread. However, when she saw your advertisement in Nottingham’s Post Lite newspaper she realised that there was another option. After looking at your excellent website and reading all about the service you provide Sadie knew that this was what she wanted for her pet.

We were both impressed with the way you carried out the procedure at Sadie’s home. The time you spent talking to Sadie and letting her tell you about Kazz and some of the other dogs she and her husband had owned over the years helped her enormously.

The whole process was carried out with professionalism and kindness, with Kazz being totally relaxed and unaware of anything untoward.

Although a sad occasion it was less of an ordeal for Sadie knowing that Kazz was put to sleep in the kindest way possible and in the comfort of her own home.

​With many thanks,

Judith ……..   September 2016 Mapperley Nottingham   Go back to the Top

“Thank you for everything you did yesterday”   June 2016  Derby

“Thank you so much for coming so quickly and dealing with Bobby with much care and skill. Mum has asked me to pass on her greatest thanks for your kindness.”   June 2016  F in Kirkby in Ashfield

“I was dreading this time. [Unlike] last time, we can now be honest with our children about how she passed. What you do is wonderful…”  August 2016, P in Alfreton      Go back to the Top

“We miss Freddie with all our hearts.But are so grateful we found you,our ‘pet Angel’ to help Freddie on her way so peacefully was a true gift,” September 2016,  G in Mansfield    Go back to the Top

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