Putting your cat to sleep at home

putting cat to sleep at homeHaving the reassurance of knowing that your cat was comfortable in their own home, surrounded by the people they love can help alleviate the worry and sadness experienced at the end of your cat’s life.
Putting your cat to sleep at home is now an option thanks to Paul.

Specialising in caring pet euthanasia, Dr Paul Stevens (Vet: BVSc: Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) can provide the very best and most comfortable final moments when it comes to putting your cat to sleep.

Putting your cat to sleep at home, in their own comfortable and familiar surroundings and with the people they love is the best possible option for your cat. It also allows you and your family the time and privacy to say your final goodbyes.


3 Stage technique dog and cat put to sleep

The process of putting your cat to sleep

Paul sometimes gets asked why as a vet and animal lover he chooses to specialise in euthanasia.
It is actually an easy question to answer.
Just think of all the suffering pain and distress Paul’s service offers. Paul feels if his service means a pet suffers for even a few hours less, then he feels he has done a good job.

While getting animals better is the whole reason why Paul became a vet in the first place, he recognises death is an important part of a good life. So he offers what he would want himself – less suffering, gentle and dignified.

Ensuring pets have the highest quality of life and also the most comfortable final moments is the highest reward for Paul. It’s not only important for the pets Paul cares for, but also their loving owners.

The stages of putting your cat to sleep are globally acknowledged as the gold standard. The 3 stage technique ensures your cat remains completely calm and anxiety free, as well as providing you the time to say you goodbyes.

Stage 1

A tiny injection is made under the skin which contains a mix of pain-relief and sedatives. Paul will access your cat’s needs and create the perfect mix and dose.

During the 5-10 minutes it takes for your cat to drift off to sleep you can say your final goodbyes.

Stage 2

Another small and simple intervention. This induces a deep anaesthesia designed to ,ean there is absolutely no knowledge of the last injection.

Stage 3

When you are ready, we give the final injection. Your cat  is totally asleep prior to this injection and so has no feeling or knowledge of it.


The normal vet procedure at the vet Practice.

Many vets in their Practices use a simple method which involves placing a catheter into the leg of a conscious cat – usually they are taken away for this procedure. Then the final medicine is given to the fully aware cat. Many enlightened vets are now sure that both these elements can cause distress to a cat – not to mention the trip to the Practice which most cats hate.
This is why Paul does it differently…


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