In home pet euthanasia – the cost of putting to sleep your dog or cat at home


Quietus Vet offers a calm and gentle alternative to normal euthanasia at the vet euthanasia and relaxed in sheffield

Please remember our costs of putting a dog to sleep include

  • Visiting your home at a time when it is convenient for you and your pet.
  • The 3-Stage Technique which Paul will personalise for your dog and cat.


Quietus Vet – Caring and Gentle End of Life at Home

  •    Daytime appointments if you live in the BLUE area on the map   

    From £ 185

  •   Daytime appointments if you live in the RED area on the map  

    From £ 205

  •    Same Day Visits are from £ 229

    Visits to homes outside our area are available. Please ask for prices.

    Call Paul for more detail 01773 404 063 or text Paul here

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Aftercare – Choose your Package with Quietus or feel free to make your own arrangements

    • SILVER Aftercare

      Paul will leave afterwards with your pet. This package includes a Shared cremation (also known as communal cremation).

      The cost of the Silver Aftercare is   £49 for all pets

    • GOLD Aftercare

      Paul will leave afterwards with your pet.
      He will arrange your Gold Aftercare which includes a personalised cremation (also known as “individual cremation”). Paul returns to your home with your pets ashes after 10-14 days.
      The Gold Aftercare price includes your choice of one of our quality caskets and urns.  See your Gold choices by clicking here.

      The cost of the Gold Aftercare is   £ 209    for all pets.

    • PLATINUM Aftercare

      Paul will leave afterwards with your pet.
      The Platinum Aftercare includes some very special and wonderful caskets and urns including Paul’s absolute favourites which are the Pewter and Slate Urns.
      Paul will arrange a personalised cremation, and will return in 10-14 days with your pets ashes in your choice of casket or urn.
      See our special Platinum offerings by clicking here.
      The cost of our Platinum Aftercare is   £ 269   for all pets


Look at our aftercare pages for more detail and some lovely keepsakes which can be added to the Gold and Platinum Packages.

Call Paul   01773 404 063

How to pay
We prefer to accept pre-payment over the phone before the visit.

Prepaying means one less thing to worry about during the visit : You can use credit or debit card or BACS (bank transfer).

You can also pay using a debit or credit card during the visit* using our mobile card machine or cash. No cheques please.cost of dog or cat put to sleep

*Please note for we always take pre-payment over the phone (or BACS) for

  1. Visits outside Paul’s Quietus Vet area
  2. Visits at unusual times.

Please Read our Ts & Cs 

Call Paul on 01773 404 063

Text message to Paul  – 07761 419 501 or use the contact form.


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