The Quietus Vet Home Visit

The Quietus Vet Home Visit

Cat and Dog Put to Sleep at your Home – The way the home euthanasia visit  should be.

When the time comes to say farewell to your pets – your cats and dogs – it is really important to do it right. Many pet owners don’t know that it’s now possible to have their pet put to sleep in the comfort and security of their own home – in a very special and respectful way.
Some vets will do home visits, but it’s increasingly hard to ­find one. Quietus Vet isn’t in a rush.
Paul, the Quietus Vet, realised that a quick procedure wasn’t good enough for his own dog. And so it’s probably not good enough for your pet either.

Why is Quietus Diff­erent – The 3-Stage Technique

The big difference is Paul always uses his Veterinary 3-Stage Technique: This approach to creating a caring put to sleep has been created by Paul in association with the pioneering American veterinarian, Kathleen Cooney. She has been a leading light in improving euthanasia for over a decade.

Paul’s approach begins with a tiny injection – a bit like a vaccination – which starts your pet’s drift. This provides your pet with 5 to 10 minutes of pain-relief and sleepyness. It’s possibly as good as they’ve felt for a while. This is the most important part. It is where you are aware of each other, but relaxed and at ease. The time to say your goodbyes.
Then we ease your dog or cat’s ‘chilled-out’ state deeper with another simple injection. This deepens your pet’s sleepyness to the point where they are aware of nothing. They are fully asleep and can feel no pain or distress at all.

Then, and only then, do we give the final injection

3 Stage Technique dog and cat put to sleep

The Quietus Vet home visit – Compassionate and Caring.