FAQs about our Service

You will have some questions about home euthanasia – so see if they are answered here

During a visit to the vet, they said I must put my pet to sleep immediately. What do I do?

If your pet is in severe acute distress, then I would advise you follow your vet’s best advice. This is in your pet’s best interest.

If the problem has been slower to come on, then your vet may be saying you need to start ‘thinking about’ putting your dog or cat to sleep.

It normally means the vet is unable to help them anymore, and they are recommending euthanasia for humane reasons.

If this is the case, then do take your pet home – it can be difficult to think clearly in the busy noisy practice situation…

Take some time to think about it. Make sure you agree with the vet. Then think about how you want to have them put to sleep.

If you choose Paul at Quietus Vet, he will come to your house and guide you through this process.The 3-Stage Technique is absolutely the best way.

How much does it cost to put my dog or cat to sleep in 2019?

We have a fixed-price system.

If you live within our area (which you can see on the map of our area), the euthanasia visit to your home is currently £199 or £225 for large dogs.
This is for weekday time.

The price you see on our Services page will not change. There will be no surprises during Paul’s visit.

The same goes for aftercare costs. They won’t change. The price includes Paul bringing your pet’s ashes back to your home. This is another unique Quietus Vet service.

Look at our Services page for prices and costs of the visit, and any aftercare service you may need from us.

Is this service ethical? Shouldn’t my own vet have to do it?

Quietus Vet is totally ethical!This is the reason I set Quietus Vet up in the first place.
To make the process of end of life more honest and respectful.
Have a look at this blog post

Should I inform my own vet afterwards for their records?

If you have a regular vet, then I would recommend this – yes. Or else  you may receive reminders etc. If you wish, I can do this for you – just tell me during my visit.

What happens. How long does it take?

This depends on you,and on the needs of your pet. My visit can be completed in as little as 40 minutes.

More often I may stay with you and your pet for an hour or so.I try to “read what you want”, but do tell me if you want anything different.

What if I want to bury my pet at home?

That’s fine. 
Quietus Vet wants you to make this process “your own”.

We want you to have access to all the  aftercare choices including Burial

Why do you charge more for large dogs?

Large dogs need more of the expensive medicines we use in the 3-Stage Technique

This charge is simply to cover some of those costs.

Why is a Quietus Vet euthanasia visit any different from having my normal vet put my dog to sleep

This used to be the first question everyone asks me.
People are now beginning to see the sense of it. As a vet, the answer to this question is obvious to me, but I realise it is not so obvious to others.

Here are the 3 reasons that make a Quietus Vet Euthanasia visit unique and stand out from what you used to know:

  1. The 3-Stage Technique

    This is Paul’s gold-standard approach.
    It means that your pet has no idea that this day is any different from any other.
    In your company their pain and distress slowly float away and you have all the time you need to say goodbye.
    Then they become deeply asleep and unconscious. They have no sense at all of the final injection.
  2. Quietus Vet will visit your home. With no arguments. No saying we could turn up at any time in the next few days. No making you feel uncomfortable or guilty.
  3. Paul offers the absolutely best aftercare service. We are honest and will answer any question. And we will come back to your home with your pet’s ashes if you choose that option. Included in the price.

Will my normal vet mind me calling you?

Not at all.  Many vets are relieved when I can perform this service for their clients. They know it is better for you and your pet.

But if you are concerned, why not ask them? Give them a call and tell them you would like to use my service.