How to assess your pet’s quality of life

This is a huge problem for pet owners. Having to make the decision to have their dog or cat put to sleep is so hard. And everyone wants to know they are  absolutely doing the right thing.

Many people will simply wait for their vet to say it’s time and then follow that guidance.
Some people want to pre-empt having to wait until all the tests and x-rays and so on have been completed. Be aware there’s a risk of continuing investigations and treatments beyond reasonable time.

Part of trying to make a good choice is to work out our pet’s quality of life.
The best approach to this is to talk to friends and family and ask them what they think about your pet’s quality of life.

Quality of Life checker

If that doesn’t help, then have a look at this page for a more structured and scientific method. Quality of Life Checker

Here’s another Quality of life checker – more detailed and a bit more thorough. Quality of Life Checker 2