Just by visiting this page, you are making the first steps to making the right decision for your cat or dog. Having to make the put to sleep decision is such a big responsibility you have to get it as right as you can.
Hopefully your dog or cat may not need help yet – you may just be starting to think and consider your options. Perhaps you need some help with ‘clearing your mind’.

  1. Is this the right time? Is it too soon or too late.
  2. Should you get the vet to do more tests? Or is that just a form of delaying making a decision?
  3. What is quality of life?

Dog and cat euthanasia is ALL ABOUT quality of life. It is the one thing that informs all our put to sleep decisions.
When your dog or cat has become very old, and things just aren’t working any more, then quality of life has gone.
Or maybe your pet is in pain or discomfort because of illness – the quality of life is gone.
Or, because our cats and dogs are part of our families, then when the relationship is no longer working – Quality of Life is gone.

We are here to help you with your questions about your dog or cat put to sleep.

Look at our FAQs and Quality of Life Checkers here.


It is such a difficult time.
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