Gently euthanize cats and dogs at home in Nottinghamshire

Where our pets are most relaxed, comfortable and without fear

Paul is focused on improving Dog and Cat put to sleep (pet euthanasia) by making sure it can be carried out at home. Home is where our pets are most relaxed, comfortable and without fear.

Dr Paul Stevens, the vet, has developed a special approach:

Call Paul Stevens on 0115 784 3456 or look at our home page for more information on Quietus Vet – in home pet euthanasia.

At Quietus Vet we pride ourselves on how we guide you all through this most difficult time.

Caring for your pet afterwards

Quietus Vet offers a considerate aftercare service.

There are choices of shared or individual cremation – Paul goes the extra mile to make sure he can guarantee and earn your trust.

Your choices are listed on our cremation aftercare pages.

Aftercare choices

Not like any other vet in Nottinghamshire

What makes Paul so different from other Nottingham vets is his gold-standard method for dog and cat euthanasia. This method is called the “3-Stage Technique”. No other vet offers this approach when euthanize cats and dogs at home in Nottingham.

Part of Paul’s method is that it must be at home.

Home is where you and your pet are most relaxed.

The 3-Stage Technique is all about being respectful.

  • There are no scary and noisy clippers.
  • There’s no struggle and no rush.
  • You can take your time to say your goodbyes.

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Paul visits the whole of Nottinghamshire

Paul is able to gently euthanize cats and dogs at home in Nottingham, Mansfield, Sutton-in-Ashfield and Worksop.

The map on the 'areas covered' page covers most of the County of Nottinghamshire, where Paul visits at a fixed-price.

If you think you may live outside our fixed price area, then look at the ‘outside our area’ page that explains more. Or just call Paul on 0115 784 3456 and we’ll work something out.

It is not unusual for Paul to be asked to travel further. He has visited Grantham, Newark and Retford on many occasions for his special approach to putting dogs and cats to sleep.

Areas we cover

How to arrange a home visit in Nottinghamshire

To arrange a visit to your home, please call Paul and tell him about your pet.

Call directly on 0115 784 3456. This is the best way to contact him. Paul's telephone opening times are: 7 Days a week – Monday to Sunday: 8.30 am to 6.00 pm.

Paul can visit and perform his special premium euthanasia service for dogs and cats as far apart as West Bridgeford, Worksop, Mansfield and all the rest of Nottinghamshire at short notice. Quietus Vet can often visit the same day if you call early enough. Or if you can plan for a day in the future, and Paul can reserve that for you too.

Sometimes at rush-hour there can be delays in and around Nottingham city. So if you want him to visit Nottingham after 3pm, please give him as much notice as you can. Please call Paul early.

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