Pet Cremation and Aftercare choices incl Burial

Cremation and burial - A guide to your pet AftercareOur reputation and professional standing rely on our reliability and honesty.

Cremation and Burial?

At Quietus Vet, we think it’s better to plan. We know it is the last thing on your mind, but once you’ve made your choice, you can then concentrate on saying goodbye to your beloved dog or cat.

Here are your four choices available currently:

  1. Individual Cremation – also known as ‘Ashes Back’
  2. Shared Cremation – also known as communal cremation
  3. Use a trusted pet crematorium of your choice
  4. Burial at your home.

Your 1st Choice:  Individual Cremation

Also known as ‘Ashes Back’ personalised cremation is our favoured choice for pet cremation.

We can absolutely guarantee they are your pet’s ashes. We check and visit our preferred pet crematorium (PCS in Adwick le Street) regularly. Often we will make surprise visits to make sure they continue to be reliable and honest.

I will bring your pet’s ashes back to your home included in the cost. This is a unique and special Quietus Vet service. With most vets, you have to go and pick them up a few weeks later.

Our Gold Aftercare individual cremation includes a choice of six Caskets and Urns shown below.

Please choose from one of these six options – these six are included in the Gold Aftercare:

1).  Eco Card Scatter Box       scatter box ecological 

2). Natural Wood Casket              casket natural wood       includes engraved name plaque

3). Carved Casket includes engraved name plaque  Carved casket for ashes  also includes engraved name plaque

4 ). China Urns  – White china urn ashesor Blue  blue urn ashesor Pink (purple) Pink purple urn ashes 

Smaller blue and pink urns and all the White Urns have loose lids.


If you prefer a casket or urn that is a bit more special and individual then consider one of these these which are included in the Platinum Aftercare:-

Woodland Scatter Tube ash scatter tube ecological a lovely ecological option

A Scatter pouch  woven scatter pouch 

The Deluxe Casket    delux casket for ashes dog and cat    includes an engraved name plate

Pewter Urn with paw prints pewter urn with paw prints for ashes A very popular choice. They feel lovely and solid. Made of spun metal. 

Slate Urn ( made with spun metal) with paw print      slate urn paw prints ashes

Classic Slate Urn   classic slate urn for ashes  

Black Hand-Carved Sleeping Cat       carved cat casket

Dark Hand-Carved Sleeping Cat         carved cat for ashes dark

Natural Hand-Carved Sleeping Cat  carved cat for ashes natural


The Heart Keepsake holds a small portion of the ashes only. You’ll need a second container for the remainder of your pet’s ashes. These keepsakes are not included in the Gold or Platinum Aftercare Packages.

Heart Keepsake in pewter colour heart keepsake pewter  

Heart Keepsake – slate colour  heart keepsake slate ashes 

2nd Aftercare Option:  Shared (Communal) Cremation : Silver Aftercare Package

If you would prefer not to have your pet’s ashes returned. (Some people call this “taking him away afterwards”):
This is your simplest choice. Often referred to as “normal cremation” or ‘leaving it to the vet to sort out’.
There are no ‘ashes back’ options with this choice.

The cost of cremation is on our services page under our Silver Aftercare Package.

3rd Choice:  You can use a trusted pet crematorium of your choice.

If you would rather take your pet afterwards to a local Pet Crematorium yourself, then that is obviously fine.
It is best you make your arrangements directly with the pet crematorium before Paul’s visit.

I have made a list of the Best Pet Crematoriums in our local area.

 4th Choice:  Home Burial of your Dog or Cat or Pet

If you are thinking of this option, we suggest do research first: These suggestions may help

What should I choose afterwards – burial or cremation

A Guide on How to Bury your Pet


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